90 Day Fiance recap: The pressure is on as ultimatums mount

The couples experienced a lot of stress this week and some ultimatums came out of it. Pic credit: TLC

There were tense moments between the couples this week as some of them acknowledged the coronavirus pandemic affecting their lives for the first time.

Some of the couples are still dealing with some serious drama that needs to get worked out before moving forward with their weddings.

Many of couples experienced roadblocks in their relationships which led to some considerable moments of stress.

A few couples were able to work through some of their issues while others started new ones.

Some couples are making progress

Last week, Natalie and Mike had a war of words that ended in hurt feelings and the unknown. This week, Natalie came around and offered her apologies to Mike for her behavior and said that she would not bring up the past anymore.

With only a few weeks left on her visa, she is attempting to bring things to a better level and hopefully get her ring back. While there is still a lot of unknown for them, they are, at least, having less toxic discussions.

Natalie and Mike on 90 Day Fiance
Natalie apologizes to Mike and they discuss how to move forward. Pic credit: TLC

Stephanie made progress this week, although it was not progress with her fiance, Ryan. She invited Ryan’s cousin Harris to stay with her for a few days before she leaves to travel back home, which Harris accepted.

She said she is done with Ryan for good and is excited to have the comfort she knows Harris can give her. While one door shut for Stephanie, she is moving toward a new open one.

Demands are being made

Still reeling in anger from the engagement party, Yara put her foot down on Jovi’s behavior. She said she doesn’t want him to drink and she wants him to show more respect and caring behavior towards her.

Yara also clearly stated that she does not want anyone at their wedding, and she wants to elope in Las Vegas. This point saddened and angered Jovi’s parents, who are nervous about the future of their grandchild.

Rebecca surprised Zied with a weekend trip to the woods where they stayed at a potential wedding venue.

Zied then surprised Rebecca, telling her that they have to get married before Ramadan or they will have to live separately for its duration. He also said that he would prefer a courthouse wedding, especially with the coronavirus pandemic happening.

Rebecca is surprised by the ultimatum Zied gives her. Pic credit: TLC

Amira met with her father and told him about the plan to quarantine in Serbia before going to America to be with Andrew. He gave her an ultimatum and said that if she went through with it, he would stop talking to her.

Amira then had a talk with Andrew and an immigration lawyer to discuss their options. They can either try the Serbia plan and Amira would tell border control that she’s on vacation, or they could apply to have the visa reinstated.

Andrew said he is leaning towards Serbia and Amira said she is leaning towards the reinstatement. After arguing about whether Andrew will be mad, Amira is going to weigh the options.

There were some awkward moments

Julia mentioned that she was going to go wedding dress shopping with Brandon in front of Brandon’s parents. Brandon’s mom, Betty, then invited herself to come along, which did not thrill Julia and created an uncomfortable situation.

While Julia was trying on dresses, Brandon told his mom not to give her opinion on the dresses, but he did so in an awkward way that was hard for viewers to watch. Brandon also could not stop yawning the entire time either.

It was an awkward scene as Julia tried on wedding dresses with Brandon and his mom. Pic credit: TLC

Tarik and Hazel were still on the hunt for a girlfriend this week, and Tarik had the idea to ask their ex, Minty about why she thinks they were not having luck.

Hazel, still jealous of Minty because she knows Tarik loves Thai girls, had a very awkward exchange with Minty as the three of them video chatted together.

Tarik and Hazel have a tense call with their ex-girlfriend, Minty. Pic credit: TLC

There will be some tough decisions next week

The couples will face more stress coming from the Coronavirus and their own personal issues next week.

As things get down the wire decisions have to be made there will be more situations where drama will develop. We will also see the fallout to some of the ultimatums given this week.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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