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90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk fans are angry that Tim and Veronica were replaced by The Family Chantel

Fans want Tim and Veronica back on Pillow Talk
Tim and Veronica on Pillow Talk. Pic credit:TLC

TLC has made some changes to their 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk lineup and fans are not happy about it.

If you tuned in last night to see Tim Malcolm and Veronica Rodriguez, then chances are, you were left disappointed.

Not only were the hilarious duo absent from the show, but their replacement did not sit well with viewers.

In a strange twist, TLC decided to swap out the former couple for the most hated family on the network, The Family Chantel.

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Scripted or not scripted? That is the question!! 🤔❓
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Last night we got a glimpse of Chantel’s mother, Karen Everett and brother River Everett giving their commentary and viewers were not amused!

Fans want Tim and Veronica back

This is not the first time that TLC has made a switch on the show. It’s something they do occasionally with the Pillow Talk cast.

However, it seems that the exchange of Tim and Veronica for Karen and River has made 90 Day Fiance fans more upset than past cast swaps.

When viewers noticed the change last night, they were outraged and took to Twitter to air their grievances.

One Twitter user had a very important question for TLC.

“Veronica & Tim are one of the best parts of #90DayFiancePillowTalk and y’all give us The Family Chantel?!? @TLC do you even know us at all?”

“What have you done with Tim and Veronica?? ” asked onother fan.

“Really, this was the replacement for Tim and Veronica?” said another.

Viewers want The Family Chantel off Pillow Talk

As you scrolled through the comments on Twitter, two things were very clear.

  1. Fans desperately miss Tim and Veronica and want them back on the show.
  2. No one and I mean no one wants to see The Family Chantel on Pillow Talk.!

It’s not only because fans have gotten to love the banter between Tim and Veronica, but it’s also because viewers simply do not like The Family Chantel.

Unfortunately, TLC does seem to enjoy the drama that they bring and have been giving them airtime every chance they get.

The family– which many deem to be extremely toxic– have already gotten their own spinoff show after appearing on 90 Day Fiance.

Fans were outraged about that as well.

Now TLC has decided to integrate them into the cast of Pillow Talk and viewers are angry.

One frustrated fan commented, “Can someone please get the family chantel off of pillow talk it’s ruining my vibe.”

Another retorted, “Ugh NOoooooooo please tell me NO that they are on pillow? I use to love pillow but if they are on I will not watch.”

Now that the viewers have spoken, let’s see if the network will listen to the voice of the people and bring back the fan favorites.

90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk airs Sundays and Mondays at 11/10c on TLC.

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