90 Day Fiance: Paola Mayfield moves in RV with Russ and Axel

90 Day FIance: Paola Mayfield - Russ Mayfield - Axel Mayfield
90 Day Fiance stars Paola and Russ Mayfield are now living in an RV with their son Axel. Pic credit: @paola_mayfield/Instagram

90 Day Fiance alum Paola Mayfield and her husband Russ Mayfield just ditched their Miami residence in exchange for a simple and more budget-friendly living arrangement. The TLC couple has been working on the big move for a few weeks and things are now falling into place.

Russ and Paola took to Instagram recently and shared the latest updates on their newest family adventure. The couple confirmed that they have finally moved in to their new home, which drew mixed reactions online.

Paola Mayfield makes big move with Russ Mayfield

Looks like Paola and Russ Mayfield are so ready to make drastic changes in their lives. The 90 Day Fiance couple recently confirmed that they finally got their mobile home and are now starting their RV life.

Paola shared adorable photos with Russ and Axel posing in front of their new home. The family of three looked very pleased with their massive “fifth wheel,” which has several impressive features.

“Trying to take/find the perfect picture to tell you guys that our RV (fifth-wheel) is finally here!” the 90 Day Fiance star excitedly announced. Paola also did a little tour of their space-saving home, which fans can watch on their YouTube channel.

Last month, Paola and Russ made the life-changing decision of moving into an RV. The couple thought living in a mobile home would be beneficial for them financially. However, finding the right RV was never easy.

Paola and Russ’s challenging RV search

Russ Mayfield and his wife Paola Mayfield took a few weeks before finding the RV that fits their needs. The 90 Day Fiance couple and their son, Axel, had to stay in a hotel until they got their new home.

After sixteen days of searching and waiting, the family is now officially moving in. Over the years, living in an RV has become quite common in many households. Aside from it being convenient, it is also budget-friendly as they do not need to pay for rent, mortgage, or property taxes like in a normal residence.

Paola shares challenges of living in a mobile home

Meanwhile, Paola Mayfield shared the one thing she finds challenging living in an RV. The 90 Day Fiance star said the closet in their new family home is too small.

Apparently, the TLC star is worried that all her clothes wouldn’t fit and that there will be no space left for Russ’ belongings. Paola also expressed concern about the RV park where their mobile home is located.

She’s worried that the place wasn’t a good location since there weren’t many RVs in the area. However, Russ said it’s actually a good place with impressive ratings. Plus, they can easily move somewhere else with their home on wheels in case they end up not liking the place at all.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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