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90 Day Fiance OG Danielle Jbali is no fan of Big Ed, would date Tom Brooks or Ash Naeck

Danielle Jbali says she would date Ash Naek
Danielle Jbali talks Big Ed in new interview. Pic credit:TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star “Big Ed” Brown has a lot of haters, and we just found out that one prominent 90 Day OG is among them.

In a new interview with Domenick Nate, season 2 alum Danielle Jbali shared her views on the most recent cast, and she is not a fan of Ed’s.

During the interview, Danielle dished on many of the new Before the 90 Day stars, and she didn’t have nice things to say about the 53-year-old photographer.

The pair also discussed whether Danielle would be interested in dating any of the men from the most recent season.

Danielle says she would date Tom Brooks and Ash Naek

Danielle confirmed to Domenick that she is now single and definitely over ex-husband Muhammed. “Never again,” she said of the relationship.

Most of the men on the this season of Before the 90 Days are single as well, so naturally, Domenick asked if Danielle could see herself with anyone from the cast.

Danielle said that if she had to choose among the recent cast members, it “would be a toss up between Tom and Ash.”

Domenick probed a bit more asking, “Oh you like Tom?’

“Yes, Tom’s an okay guy.”  she replied, laughing.

She did point out, though, that both men have their areas of weakness.

She noted that Tom called Darcey Silva fat during one episode and that Ash claimed he was single while clearly in a relationship with Avery.

Danielle discussed Big Ed

Although Danielle liked some of the men from the past season, she wasn’t a fan of Ed Brown.

Danielle shares the sentiments of many viewers who were outraged by Ed’s treatment of  now ex-girlfriend Rose Vega.

“Ed I do not care for him because of the simple fact he embarrassed Rose on national TV,” she said.

She continued, “He could have handled those situations better. He should not have brought up about her breath stinking or shaving her legs in front of the camera…that’s not called for.”

Danielle also talked about David and Yolanda, echoing the general sentiment that they’d been scammed.

“I mean Yolanda’s story from the beginning,” she said, “the simple fact that the guy did not Facetime her, that was a big red flag.”

As for the most controversial couple of the season, Babygirl Lisa and Sojaboy, Danielle said, “I don’t think there’s any scamming going on, I just think they both need to work on their issues.”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.




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