90 Day Fiance: Miona Bell models a short ponytail style

Miona Bell
Miona Bell rocked a shorter ponytail than she usually does in a recent promotion. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance Season 9 star Miona Bell launched her own ponytail line earlier this year and has been proving how many versatile styles she has in her arsenal.

Miona promotes her ponytails on her personal Instagram and her business Instagram @mionabeauty.

On both platforms, Miona likes to be her own model, and fans often find her debuting new styles or dropping suggestions of ponytails depending on what people are looking for.

The latter is what Miona recently did through @mionabeauty where she snapped a selfie wearing a shorter ponytail style than she usually wears.

In the photo, a slightly closed-mouth smiling Miona had a side part with her brown hair slicked back into a medium-height ponytail. The ponytail itself was blonde and rested just past her shoulder on one side.

In the caption, Miona described, “Im wearing Palm Springs Ponytail color 18/18T/613 ? If you prefer shorter ponytail this is definitely the best choice for you ?.”

Miona Bell posts a lot on social media

Miona is big into social media for self-promotion, as she and her now-husband, Jibri Bell, have shamelessly promoted themselves and their various endeavors.

Early on in Season 9, Jibri and Miona were labeled as “instant clout chasers” for their social media activity and advocacy for themselves.

Jibri actually admitted that he was on the show with Miona for clout, and the pair have not stopped their relentless postings.

Jibri and Miona have their own Instagram, a joint one, Miona’s beauty page, and they share a joint TikTok and a Cameo page.

Followers of either can count on seeing at least ten posts a day between them, including Instagram Stories, Lives, and page posts.

Miona Bell has been accused of blackfishing

When viewers first saw Miona on 90 Day Fiance, aside from the clout-chasing criticism, Miona was also bashed for “blackfishing.”

90 Day viewers thought Miona’s style depicted interpersonal racism of Black people as stereotypes and that she was portraying Black culture as a product.

Miona spoke out against those comments by saying that the way she styles herself is part of her culture, and she provided photo evidence of Serbian styles similar to hers.

The criticisms of Miona’s style have since died down, and Miona has not had to defend her style choices since then.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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