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90 Day Fiance: Mike should be excited for Natalie’s arrival but instead, he took a ‘big step back’

mike and natalie from 90 day fiance
Mike doesn’t seem too happy about Natalie’s K-1 visa approval. Pic credit: TLC

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva have finally received the long-awaited news about her K-1 visa application.

She’s been approved to come to America and marry Mike.

And while this should be exciting news for the pair, Mike’s apprehensions about their relationship dulled the moment as he explains that they have deep relationship issues that need to be mended.

Natalie says she can’t trust Mike, and that hurts him

During a segment of contemplation when Mike sits holding Natalie’s engagement ring, he explained, “I don’t like that she says, ‘I can’t trust you.’ I would not cheat on Natalie.”

He then goes on to further share the troubles they’re facing as a couple.

“But, I mean, the last couple months, I have processed a lot of that, yeah. I’ve done a lot of thinking and we’ve done a lot of talking. There’s been a lot of hard talking and there’s been good talks in there, too, as well.”

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The couple has had a rough go at their relationship. Part of that is due to their lack of communication. However, since Natalie hasn’t received approval for her visa application, Mike said that’s giving them the time they need to work it out.

“Me and Natalie are trying to work on things. [Her] Visa’s not ready, so I guess that gives us time right now to get it figured out. But, what she did made me take a big step back and be really, really, kinda cautious,” he confessed.

Natalie reveals that her K-1 visa application has been approved and she’s coming to America

In the next clip, Mike pulls over as he’s driving to make a call to Natalie. It turns out that she’s got some big news.

“I got my papers from [the] embassy today,” she says.

When Mike asks what the papers say, Natalie exclaims, “I got my visa.”

It’s immediately clear that Mike is overcome with conflicting emotions, which leads Natalie to ask if he’s happy.

In response, Mike somberly says, “I feel happy, excited. At the same time, I don’t know. I just wasn’t prepared to hear this right now.”

He further admits in a confessional, “When she said, ‘Hey! I got the visa. I’m coming to the U.S.’  I had a ton of emotions in that moment. Good and bad. We’ve both been looking forward to the visa this entire time. But we have problems, we have issues. We kinda put the visa on the back burner.”

Although he seems hesitant now, Natalie does eventually make her way to America, but that doesn’t lessen the couple’s issues.

In fact, during a preview of the upcoming episodes this season, Natalie is seen crying as she packs her bags to return to Ukraine after an incident with Mike.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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