90 Day Fiance: Michael dishes on his breakup with Angela Deem, says he still loves her

Michael llesanmi professes love for Angela Deem after telling his friends about their breakup
Michael says he stills loves Angela despite their breakup. Pic credit:TLC

The Relationship between Angela Deem and her husband Michael has been deteriorating for some time and now this might be the end.

Angela lives in the U.S and Michael is still in his home country of Nigeria after his visa got denied, but living apart is certainly not helping the couple.

Things came to a boiling point last week when Angela tried to put a tracker on Michael’s phone over fears that he might be cheating.

The 55-year-old has been angry at her husband for his lack of support amid her recent surgeries and last week she berated him on the phone and ended the relationship.

Michael tells his friends about his breakup with Angela

After his blowout argument with his wife, Michael had a chat with his friends and told them about the breakup in a sneak peek for tonight’s episode.

“Right now I don’t think I have a relationship. I and Angela, we had fights and we broke up, we are not talking,” confessed the reality TV personality.

As his friends queried further, he told them, “It all started during her two surgeries, weight loss surgery, and breast reduction surgery… and also she only told me about it a day before, I barely knew about it.”

“After she got done with the surgery I called, every time she answered the call always shouting at me… she wouldn’t even give me a chance to explain myself…” shared Michael. “I told her if she wants to…go, so be it, I’m not gonna beg you.”

Michael says he still loves Angela

Michael’s friends were happy that the Nigerian native finally stood up to Angela but as for whether the relationship is over for good, that remains to be seen.

Last week, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? fans lashed out at Angela for her treatment of Michael and some even called her actions abusive. But despite all that, Michael is still very much in love.

“I still love my wife, I still love her but you know, I’m tired now, I’m tired,” he confessed. I just want things to change you know and just be able to understand each other.”

Meanwhile, Michael’s friends think he needs to stop letting his wife push him around, but their input seemed to only confuse him.

“After talking to the guys I am so sad and confused about the whole situation. I’m still mad at Angela but because I love her sincerely and I care about her I still don’t want to lose her,” admitted the 32-year-old.

Check out the clip below and watch tonight’s episode to see how it all plays out.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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