90 Day Fiance: Memphis shows off a fun new hairstyle, check out her new blonde look

Memphis Smith
Memphis Smith showed off a new cut and blonde color to 90 Day Fiance fans. Pic credit: TLC

Memphis Smith surprised 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days fans by changing up her hair and showing out as a blonde.

The 35-year-old mother of three has recently started posting more about herself after taking a social media hiatus. During that hiatus, she appeared only to post religious-centered rhetoric.

Memphis received heavy criticism while Season 5 of Before the 90 Days was airing, and that caused her to block critics who said anything against her on her page. At that time, she would also get into arguments with her haters before deciding to only have positive followers on her page.

It looks like Memphis has gotten her posting confidence back because she shared two bold pictures of her new blonde look.

Memphis appeared on Season 5 alongside her now-estranged Tunisian husband, Hamza Moknii.

Memphis Smith showed off her new blonde hairstyle to 90 Day Fiance fans

Memphis used her Instagram to post photos of her new haircut and blonde color.

Her hair was cut in a dimensional bob style, and it was a vibrant blonde color. On the show, viewers were used to seeing her with long dark wavy locks.

Memphis did not describe the process it took to achieve her new look, but she did add a caption to her post.

She remarked, “I love changing up my hair color and styles. It’s so nice to be versatile and enjoy different looks. Changing up my hair gives me a way to express myself in a different way…in a more fun and creative way. Plus I heard blondes have more fun.”

Last week, Memphis posted a series of selfies inside her Mercedes along with a picture taken as she posed outside of it. She touted being fresh-faced in the photos that appeared to have filters. She also noted in her hashtags that her hair was natural in the pictures.

Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii have a daughter together

During the several weeks that Memphis was in Tunisia meeting Hamza for the first time, she became pregnant. She had the baby a few weeks before Hamza’s American spousal visa came through. The pair were able to appear on the Season 5 Tell All together but have since broken up.

Hamza is living in Chicago and claims that he has not seen his daughter in months, and Memphis has not directly addressed the situation.

Memphis has appeared to bash Hamza with accusatory but cryptic religious posts about him being a narcissist, among other things.

Memphis already has two children with different men.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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1 year ago

It looks as hideous as that last two tone need your roots mess does. All she had to do was fix her roots! But enough about her already. She’s a “HAS BEEN” M & C, stop giving stories about these people that aren’t on the show any more!