90 Day Fiance: Laura Jallali responded to haters criticizing her use of filters

Laura Jallali
After Laura Jallali received criticism for her use of filters from haters on social media she responded sharply. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s Laura Jallali is very active on social media and is known to use heavy filters to make herself look younger and more sculpted. Laura’s haters love to attack her for her photo enhancements, but Laura sharply responded to a critic this time.

52-year-old Laura fielded a comment from a person asking why she uses the filters if people already know what she looks like on the show. The comment had a snarky undertone that seemed to rub Laura the wrong way because she felt the need to clap back.

Laura praises herself for even having the self-confidence to put herself out there on social media despite opening herself up to possible attacks.

Laura’s ex-husband has accused her of being a catfish because he believed the way she presented herself online was the way she looked in real life.

Laura Jallali clapped back a critic making fun of her use of filters

Laura posted a filtered video to her Instagram of her and her dog, and the post got a lot of attention.

Almost 1500 people liked the video and it received many comments. Some comments were of fans showing their support while others were from mean people who made snarky remarks about her looks.

IG post from Laura Jallali
Laura made an Instagram video with her usual heavy filters. Pic credit: @tlc_laura_jallali/Instagram

The comment that Laura responded to read, “I’ll never understand why people use filters! We already know what you look like!”

Laura clapped back by saying, “I never understand why a person only puts a picture of their dog and never their face but yet can be so critical of somebody who is willing to put themselves out there…. What do you look like?”

IG comments from Laura Jallali
Laura drew criticism from haters who called her use of filters out. Pic credit: @tlc_laura_jallali/Instagram

Laura Jallali has moved on from her ex-husband Aladin Jallali

Laura and Aladin got married in July 2018 and split in October 2019 after they could not reconcile their differences.

Laura accused Aladin of cheating after he got regionally famous for having been on the show and having a camera crew around him.

The last they appeared together within the 90 Day Fiance franchise was during 90 Day Fiance: Self Quarantine where Laura was trying to seek answers from Aladin but the conversation ended with him hanging up on her.

Laura has since moved on and has openly said that she is ready for men to get at her.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

You’re ugly inside Laura…no filters can fix that!