90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima lashes out at online trolls after getting ‘ugly and threatening messages’

90 Day Fiance star lashes out at trolls after constant online hate
Larissa Lima says online hate is unbearable. Pic credit:©

90 Day Fiance alum Larissa Lima gets tons of hateful messages from online troll’s and now she’s at her breaking point!

As a matter of fact, the 34-year-old has been getting so many nasty comments that she’s changed her mind about opening out about her family.

Larissa made the decision not to show her family during her stint on 90 Day Fiance, and she has not posted photos of her kids on social media either.

However, the brunette beauty had every intention of opening up about them on her own YouTube channel. That is, until the recent turn of events.

Larissa Lima says the hate online is unbearable

The former TLC star is used to getting backlash from fans regarding her racy online photos and her penchant for cosmetic surgeries.

The hate amped up even more when Larissa joined OnlyFans and was fired for her CamSoda performance.

Larissa appeared to be taking all the backlash in stride but she recently admitted that the hate from trolls has become unbearable.

“I am forever grateful to my loyal fans from 90 day. I was so happy to be a part of the family. There is a large fringe of haters that are so sick, and it has become unbearable,” wrote Larissa in an Instagram post.

“I’m used to getting hundreds of ugly and threatening messages, this is not new, but it has ramped up and I have made a decision,” she continued.

“In the past, I said that I was going to talk about my family on my YouTube. The truth, gossips about all including my children. I am never going to discuss or expose anything about my family ever.”

Larissa Lima explains why her kids will remain private

During her lengthy post, the mom-of-two explained why she has changed her mind about exposing her family.

“A few days ago, a ‘forever fan’ sent me the message that she was going to make sure my children see my premium content meant for adults only. She said she wanted them hurt because I deserved it,” shared Larissa. “This same fan sent me photos of children being sexually exploited. I was in such shock, and then I could not stop crying. I could not see the screen of my phone well through the tears as I reported it.”

This nasty interaction along with several others has prompted the reality TV star to keep her family away from all the online hate.

“This along with other incidents of the last three years with serial haters, has made my final decision to keep my relationships, my entire family, especially my kids private. I will not share anything more, as messing with kids and family is complete[ly] unacceptable.”

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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