90 Day Fiance: Kobe shares motivational words and gets support from viewers

Kobe Blaise gets support from fans after offering a word of motivation.
Kobe Blaise shares a motivational Monday spiel and receives support from fans. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Kobe Blaise was feeling a bit inspirational this past Monday and decided to offer his fans some advice and motivation to start their week off correctly. 

After sharing his spoken word, many fans were supportive of Kobe and also offered him a bit of advice. 

Kobe tells his fans to put themselves first

In a recent post, Kobe shared some much-needed inspiration, especially regarding self-love and self-care. 

Kobe posted a video revolving around how everyone should put themselves first, as they can not give to others without first being whole. 

Kobe said, “do you know that you are great? Do you know that you are important? Do you know that your dreams count? Your visions matter!” 

Kobe received an outpouring of support from his fans, who offered him some advice 

Just as much as Kobe advised his fans to love themselves more and put their dreams and aspirations at the forefront, Kobe’s fans also had a bit of advice for him. 

Kobe’s fans offered advice surrounding his relationship with Emily and what he should do about his rights as a father to Koban. 

One fan in the comment section of Kobe’s Instagram post mentioned that Kobe should leave Emily as she is not the right one for him. 

The fan said, “(red heart emoji) Kobe I wish you would seek a advocate to see if they can help you get rights to see your son and help you find work so you could stay in US if you wanted to help find you work and a place to stay.”

“She’s not the one for you , she’s too bossy , lazy and has no idea how to live in the real world away from her family . Praying for you.”

Fans hope Kobe can find an advocate to help him gain his rights.
Pic credit: @kobe_blaise/Instagram

One fan also left a comment on Kobe’s Instagram post cheering Kobe on, letting him know that he is doing a great job as a father. 

The fan said, “Kobe, you aren’t being treated at all like a man and father should be. Emily’s parents are just as bad for allowing their daughter to treat you the way she does.”

“You are here in the US, trying your hardest and you shouldn’t be treated like a child. On behalf of other mothers who have raised their children alone – you’re doing a great job as a father and thank you for being in your son’s life.”

Kobe's fans cheer him on and tell him that he is doing a great job as a father.
Pic credit: @kobe_blaise/Instagram

Only time will tell what Kobe will end up doing regarding his relationship with Emily and his duties as a father to Koban, but fans will have to tune in to see how it all unwinds.  

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c.

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Lanna Johnson
Lanna Johnson
1 year ago

Run Kobe. That whole family is nuts. I have disliked other people on this show but Emily rates numer one

1 year ago

Emily is encouraged by her family. They allow her to do as she pleases. Kobe don’t put up with the craziness