90 Day Fiance: Jibri Bell says he made $10,000 dollars by selling one NFT online

Jibri Bell
Jibri Bell shared the $10,000 sale of his NFT with 90 Day Fiance fans on social media. Pic credit: TLC

It looks like new 90 Day Fiance star Jibri Bell came up financially with the recent sale of his first NFT.

In a video showing the final moments of his auction countdown and the subsequent result, Jibri and his 90 Day partner Miona found out that Jibri’s NFT sold for over $10,000.

The NFT was based on artwork done of Jibri’s now-famous ripped pants from the second episode of Season 9.

Jibri is a self-proclaimed hustler who is part of a band called the Black Serbs. His fiancee Miona is from Serbia and has voiced interest in starting her own makeup line.

Jibri Bell claims to have made over $10,000 selling one NFT online

Jibri used his Instagram to let 90 Day fans tune in to the results of the auctioning of his first NFT.

Miona appeared to be filming as they sat in a vehicle, and Jibri was looking down at his phone, and he counted down to the auction ending.

A short time later, Jibri revealed that he had made $10,096 on his ripped pants NFT.

Jibri and Miona both sounded excited as they both got out of the car, and Jibri loudly hollered into the air.

Aside from Jibri’s NFT endeavor, he and Miona actively promote themselves to 90 Day Fiance fans on social media by doing Instagram Lives and asking fans to pay for badges. They also often promote their presence on Cameo where 90 Day viewers can get personalized messages from them.

Miona Bell does not like Jibri Bell’s best friend and bandmate David

During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance, viewers found out just how much Miona doesn’t like Jibri’s best friend and fellow Serbian native, David.

Miona thought that David prematurely judged her although Jibri reminded her that she came off as insulting the first time they met because she overly complained.

On the premiere episode of Season 9, the 90 Day audience heard David’s viewpoint towards Miona as he cautioned Jibri about his relationship and the future of the band if Miona was around. David made the point that he didn’t think Miona had good intentions.

Either way, the fate of Jibri and David’s band appears to rest in whether Miona will give way and let Jibri take the opportunity to make music and whether David will be able to bite his tongue.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC and Discovery+.

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People that buy this garbage are just as suck in the head (almost) as the ones buying Stefanie Ms fart jars!