90 Day Fiance: Here’s how much money Andrew Kenton claims he spent on Amira Lollysa

90 Day Fiance star Andrew Kenton.
90 Day Fiance star Andrew Kenton claims to have spent plenty of money on Amira Lollysa during their relationship. Pic credit: TLC

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance brought new faces into the mix and one of those couples garnered plenty of attention from the very beginning. Andrew Kenton and his girlfriend, Amira Lollysa, seemed like a couple determined to come together no matter what obstacles came their way.

However, they ran into a huge roadblock when the global coronavirus pandemic broke out and international borders between America, where Andrew lived, and France, where Amira lived, were closed.

Andrew then concocted a plan to get Amira to America by attempting to find a loophole in the system. The original plan was to have Amira fly into Mexico where the couple would “quarantine” for two weeks before boarding a flight back to America.

As fans already know, their plan didn’t go according to plan and ultimately, Amira was deported from Mexico and sent back to France.

Throughout their time on the show, Andrew was portrayed as the clear villian of the season. He came off as a manipulative and borderline emotionally abusive boyfriend and 90 Day Fiance fans weren’t having any of it.

Andrew recently revealed that while he may come off as the bad guy, he claims to have spent plenty of money on Amira during the duration of their relationship.

Andrew reveals how much money he claims to have spent on Amira

During a conversation on the Dominick Nati show, Andrew dished on his relationship with Amira and gave some insight into why it imploded.

Andrew said, “She ghosted me. I did not ghost her. We talked everyday while she was in Serbia. It was only when she didn’t get on the plane, that’s when it essentially was the ghosting.”

“The only communication we had after that was a discussion about the returning of the ring. And she wanted makeup so I sent her like a mountain of makeup in exchange for the ring,” he continued.

When Dominick asked Andrew to define “a bunch of makeup,” Andrew responded that he sent her a pile of KKW (Kim Kardashian West) makeup.

“I wouldn’t say [the value of the makeup] was more than the ring. The ring was ultimately worth way more,” Andrew said before dishing that he spend somewhere between $200-$300 on the makeup.

However, it wasn’t simply the cost the makeup. In fact, Andrew claims that he easily spent $30,000 – $40,000 throughout their relationship.

“The ring itself was over seven grand,” he said

Andrew dishes on why his relationship with Amira imploded

When Dominick asked Andrew if he felt that Amira was unfaithful to him during their relationship, Andrew seemed to have no doubt that it was true.

“It depends on what one would define as cheating, though. You know? Like, she was definitely in contact with prisoners and people in prison,” he claimed.

Andrew also revealed why he thought Amira ultimately chose to go back to Paris instead of meeting him in California.

He said, “I think that she ultimately chose to go back to Paris instead of coming here because I think that…she got caught in her little agent play.”

According to Andrew, Amira made a move that shocked him. Just before she was to board the plane to California, Andrew claims he got a call from production telling him that Amira had acquired a [talent] agent and was demanding more money.

He said that it just didn’t feel like love anymore.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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