90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After recap: Let’s talk about sex

Andrei, Natalie, ammd Jovi
A lot of friction was created and ongoing this week as the Happily Ever After? couples tried to navigate their love and family lives. Pic credit: TLC

There was a lot of new hurt this week in the lives of some of the Happily Ever After? couples, but there was also progress made by some.

It has become apparent this season that there are many deep struggles between the different cast members, and some of them are unfixable. A few of the people in relationships are trying harder than their partners, causing a lot of strife.

With miscommunication abound, there are many more difficult and explosive situations to come during the rest of the season.

Strong efforts were made by some Happily Ever After? couples

Jovi did his best to communicate to Yara the importance of making time for their relationship when they took a trip to Miami together and brought along Jovi’s mom Gwen to babysit.

Yara totally disagreed with Jovi and thought he was being selfish, which caused a fight and ended the night on a bad note.

Michael spoke with Angela about his desire to try and have children and get his sperm frozen and sent to the US. While Angela felt Michael had his priorities mixed up, she agreed to let him see a fertility doctor.

Michael expressed during the episode that it’s against his religion to masturbate, so Angela said she would be on the phone with him while he tries to gather a sperm sample.

Asuelu sat down with his mom and sister ahead of their visit to Kalani’s house for Christmas. He tried to get his sister Tammy to agree to be on good behavior and for his mom to show respect, but it was clear he wasn’t getting through to them.

Tensions boiled over a few times on Happily Ever After? this week

Elizabeth met with her sisters Jenn and Becky who have been mad at Andrei for seemingly trying to take advantage of their dad, and in the process, take money out of their pockets by way of the family business. Nothing was resolved during the meeting, and it led to more awkward tension.

During Elizabeth and Andrei’s daughter’s birthday, Andrei, Becky, and Jenn could not stop bickering back and forth. The arguments escalated when Jenn threw birthday cake at Andrei’s face.

Elizabeth’s sister Jenn threw cake in Andrei’s face after their disagreement turned physical. Pic credit: TLC

Natalie and Mike dug a deeper hole in their disastrous marriage this week when Natalie called Trish to try and sort out the comment she thinks Trish made about Natalie being a hooker.

Issues surged as Natalie kept pressing her position and Mike and his mom were disagreeing. The fight got taken a step further when Mike called Natalie out for not living at his house anymore and giving away the Christmas presents he got her to her friends.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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