90 Day Fiance fans think Sumit got exactly what he wanted when his mom threatened suicide if he married Jenny

Jenny and Sumit from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
During an intense confrontation between Sumit and his parents, his mother threatened to commit suicide if he decided to marry her. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh face even more obstacles as they try to navigate life together in India.

Making matters worse is the obvious pain their relationship is causing Sumit’s parents.

In the latest episode, tensions come to a head with Sumit’s mother, Sahna, threatening to commit suicide if he follows through with marrying Jenny.

Sumit’s parents refuse to accept Jenny and his mother threatens to commit suicide

The heated argument came as Sumit and Jenny sat down with his parents to tell them that they must get married.

Since Jenny’s visa is set to expire in just a few short weeks, the only way the couple can guarantee that she stays in India is to wed.

Naturally, Sumit’s parents are less than thrilled at the thought of their son actually following through on marrying Jenny.

Sumit’s dad tried to convince Sumit that he’s making a mistake by pointing out that Jenny isn’t a good choice for an older lady.

“She is the only one you could find?” he scolds. “Look harder!”

Sumit then attempts to explain that he has never loved another woman like he loves Jenny and that he was hoping his parents would come around and accept his decision.

At that point, Sumit’s parents lose their patience.

“People get married to raise a family, to have kids. Not just because two people want it,” says his father Anil.

His mother then cuts in and angrily states, “I don’t want you to live here with her! I don’t want this!”

Sumit asks, “why not?”

His mother turns her attention to Jenny and cries out, “Jenny, please leave him alone! I am asking you! You have to leave him.”

It’s clear that Sumit’s relationship with Jenny is seen as shameful for his parents, and his mother isn’t willing to go down without a fight.

She then seems to use Sumit’s words against him when she threatens to commit suicide should he marry Jenny.

“I’m going to commit suicide right here, right now if you marry her,” she screams at Sumit.

This statement immediately stops Sumit in his tracks and changes everything. After all, he had told his parents not too long ago that he was thinking about committing suicide when they forced him into his arranged marriage.

Sumit ultimately backs down and says that he will not marry Jenny if that’s the case but that he will find another way for her to gain citizenship.

Fans tuned in to watch Sumit’s parents go off on Jenny

The latest fight between Sumit and his parents is enough to keep fans glued to their seats. But Sumit’s mother and her outspoken opinions have them flooding Twitter with their comments.

Some fans felt that Sumit’s mother wasn’t serious about committing suicide, but she was using it against Sumit to prevent him from continuing his relationship with Jenny.

“Sumit’s mom threatening suicide is some other level of manipulation. Some kind of crazy,” said one follower.

“Sumit’s mom really pissed me off when she said she would kill herself if he married Jenny then SMILED after she said it like ‘Yes I got him now!'” wrote another.

Others claimed that Sumit’s mother reminded them of another overbearing mom from the franchise, Colt’s mother, Debbie.

“Sumit mom pulling a Debbie,” they wrote.

Although no one knows if Sumit’s mother would truly follow through on her threats of suicide, one thing is clear — Sumit’s parents won’t accept their relationship.

And, should they decide that they want to stay together, this battle is far from over.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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