90 Day Fiance fans lay into Brittany for not attending the Tell All due to her hair

Brittany Banks
Brittany’s reason for being a no-show at The Single Life Tell All is something 90 day Fiance fans are still mad about. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans are still not over Brittany’s excuse about not being able to get her hair done properly as the reason why she didn’t attend The Single Life Tell All, and they laid into her on social media.

Fans in a Reddit thread were so angry about Brittany’s diva behavior and no-show at the Tell All that they attacked her for everything from her character and personality to her unique appearance.

Many felt like her disrespectful behavior at the Tell All is a further glimpse into her personality and they criticized her harshly for it.

Brittany claimed that she came to New York for the Tell All but couldn’t find a hairdresser to do her hair the way she wanted, so she flew back to Houston and had it done there and decided not to come back to New York.

Her castmates had a hard time believing the far-fetched story and were angry when she was given air time after finally answering Terence’s phone call.

90 Day Fiance fans are still mad at Brittany for being a no-show to the Tell All

The Reddit thread about Brittany originated out of fan anger over Brittany’s excuse about her hair being the reason she didn’t attend the Tell All.

The thread originator said, “Brittney [sic] was a no show to the tell all claiming the stylist didn’t know how to do her hair but she been through the entire season looking like if the wind blows her wigs gonna fly right off.” The sentiment was accompanied by an up close photo of Brittany.

Reddit thread about Brittany Banks
The originator of the Reddit thread about Brittany called out her excuse for not coming to the Tell All. Pic credit: @u/lala7272/Reddit

This discussion topic sparked a lot of criticism aimed at Brittany, and many people expressed they think she is a spoiled person and can’t stand her “kiss the ring” mentality.

Reddit thread about Brittany Banks
90 Day fans expressed their disdain for Brittany’s attitude. Pic credit: @u/lala7272/Reddit

Then there were the group of people who talked about Brittany’s appearance and the trending topic of her hair and makeup being off the entire time she was on The Other Way and The Single Life.

Reddit thread about Brittany Banks
90 Day fans attacked Brittany’s prominent looks. Pic credit: @u/lala7272/Reddit

Brittany still might be a part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise

Brittany was highly talked about from each 90 Day Fiance spinoff that she was on, so it’s possible TLC will keep her around for the high ratings she produces despite her diva behavior.

Brittany just moved from Houston, where she filmed The Single Life, to Atlanta where she wants to start a new chapter in her life.

She has also been busy with different modeling gigs and producing content for her OnlyFans.

90 Day: The Single Life is currently on hiatus.

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