90 Day Fiance fans have a strong reaction to Love in Paradise

TLC's new show is a big flop.
Love in Paradise: The Caribbean is not feeling the love from TLC fans. Pic credit: Discovery Channel

If you have lost count, there are currently 18 90 Day Fiance spinoffs. Love in Paradise: The Caribbean is just one of the newest TLC shows that share how an American found love abroad. You probably have already guessed the premise thanks to the title.

This time around, cameras will follow Americans as they vacation in an island paradise as they also happen to find themselves in love with a Caribbean native. 

Episode one of the new show has already dropped, but 90 Day Fiance fans are less than impressed with island life. In fact, they are finding the show “icky” by all accounts.

90 Day Fiance fans find the show ‘uncomfortable’

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean follows couples who are trying to make their long-distance relationships work. Naturally, there are a few wrenches thrown into the works. But even these setbacks and promises of drama aren’t enough to lure TLC fans to tune in.

Along with the COVID-19 roadblocks, most of these young lovers are quite young and very single. The goal of the newest series is to be a fun summer fling which is exactly what the couples also got.

But instead of a one-night stand and fun vacation story, some of the couple’s got a baby and a pile of issues. Reddit fans shared that the show felt uncomfortable with one writing, “100% GROSS and seems to trivialize, exploit, and normalize sex tourism. It’s f****** disgusting.” 

Pic credit: 90dayfianceuncensored/Reddit

Another skeptical follower wrote, “Couldn’t finish it… Also, who goes on vacation and has unprotected sex with a worker at a swingers resort ?. I’m sorry, but that’s a new level of crazy.”

love in paradise screenshot
Pic credit: 90dayfianceuncensored/Reddit

90 Day Fiance viewers felt that the cast members were glorifying their risky behavior. Even though it may be nice to have a Sex on the Beach, critics of the new show don’t think the network should be promoting unsafe sex practices. 

Love in Paradise Screenshot
Pic credit: 90dayfianceuncensored/Reddit

TLC viewers are bored

While there are bound to be those who support Love in Paradise, it seems the negatives outweigh the positive. Multiple loyal 90 Day Fiance supporters are feeling that TLC dropped the ball with their newest spinoff and even joked that the first episode was so perfectly entitled Tropic like its hot; because the show is a mess. 

One thing is for sure, Love in Paradise is bound to be more entertaining than the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? which is currently boring its fans to tears.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean can be streamed on Discovery+.

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