Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story recap: Tropic like it’s hot

Martine, Key, and Sherlon

The latest obsession in the 90 Day Fiance franchise, Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story did not disappoint during its premiere episode on Discovery+.

The four Americans who fell in love on vacation or while staying in tropical paradises in the Caribbean will return to those destinations where they met their partners.

They are going there with the hopes of strengthening the relationship with their long-distance loves and trying to convince them to move to America.

Martine and Steven, Mark and Key, Aryanna and Sherlon, and Amber and Daniel are the four couples trying to figure it all out while preserving the bond they share.

Some Love in Paradise: The Caribbean couples face enormous hurdles

Martine and Steven have been together for three years and met while Martine was on vacation in Barbados. Unfortunately, Martine caught Steven cheating on her two years ago and Martine feels that getting an engagement ring from Steven is the only way she will be able to fully get over it.

Steven’s occupation as a DJ with many admirers and accessible women does not ease Martine’s worries. But on this premiere episode, they were reunited in Barbados and planned on spending quality time together at a resort that Steven is treating Martine to.

Martine and Steven
Steven and Martine reconnected after a ling time apart due to COVID-19 restrictions. Pic credit: TLC

Twenty-five-year-old Aryanna had a fling with 35-year old Sherlon while on a trip to Jamaica after Aryanna had lost 100 lbs. She did not expect to get pregnant from that trip but that is what happened and she is planning to travel to Jamaica to push the idea of Sherlon coming to America on the K-1 fiance visa.

Aryanna hopes that Sherlon will prove himself to be the man and father she wants him to be by agreeing to the life change.

A lot is on the line for the Love in Paradise: The Caribbean cast

39-year-old Mark met 36-year-old Argentinian native Key in Bocas del Toro, Panama while he was running a hostel there ten years prior.

Their hot and heavy romance came to a serious point after Key went to rehab in Argentina for Ketamine. Mark went down to Argentina to support Key through the outpatient process but their relationship ended amicably after he couldn’t continue living in a Spanish-speaking country not speaking the language.

Key reached out after not talking for nine years and the pair rekindled their relationship long distance. Mark now plans to travel back to Bocas del Toro where Key lives now and try to convince her to move back to California with him.

Mark and Key
Mark and Key began their relationship ten years ago but did not speak for nine years after breaking up. Pic credit: TLC

Amber met Daniel while on vacation in Jaco, Costa Rica and both did not expect to fall as hard and fast as they did.

While they have been working on Daniel’s K-1 visa, Daniel lost his job to the coronavirus pandemic and Amber has had to financially support Daniel. Amber is very frustrated by it and hopes that her gestures will be reciprocated.

Amber is also still trying to figure out if Daniel is the right person for her because they have a lot of misunderstandings and communication issues.

As the other 90 Day Fiance spinoff Happily Ever After? winds down, Love in Paradise will be a breath of fresh air for viewers looking for a fresh cast to learn about.

New Episodes of Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story premiere Sundays Discovery+.

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