90 Day Fiance fans hate on Kolini after latest episode of Happily Ever After

Kolini Faagata
Kolini’s sharp opinions of Asuelu and her sister Kalani’s relationship have made fans react negatively towards her. Pic credit: TLC

Kalani’s sister Kolini made her first appearance of Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and did not hold back on her opinions of her sister’s relationship with her husband Asuelu.

She and Asuelu have historically not gotten along because she doesn’t approve of Asuelu’s immature behavior, unappreciative and rude treatment of her sister, and affinity to try and avoid accountability.

By being so involved in her sister’s relationship, however, she has put herself in the spotlight to be judged by 90 Day Fiance fans.

Some fans feel like she should keep her opinions to herself and cast their negative opinions on where Kolini is at in her own life.

90 Day Fiance fans did not hold back on their opinions of Kolini

Kolini’s own personal life was thrown around by fans who feel like she needs to focus on her own messy life before she can cast judgment on other people.

On Happily Ever After? Kolini moved into her parent’s house in Utah where Asuelu and Kalani are also living because her lease was up at her place, she hasn’t been working, and wants to stay at home in her mom’s scrap room while she transitions.

Kolini is also active on OnlyFans and frequently posts X-rated content. 90 Day Fiance fans took this point, and all of Kolini’s current circumstances and put it into their opinions.

Reddit thread about Kolini
Fans on reddit made a thread about their opinions on Kolini. Pic credit: @u/gookershano/Reddit

Fans are also attaching themselves to the point that Kolini should not be interfering with her sister’s relationship the way she is knowing that her sister takes her opinion seriously. They think that Kolini’s meddling is inappropriate and feel like she is trying to break them up.

Another point was made about Asuelu’s expressed desire to change and be a warmer person towards Kolini and put the past behind them, and Kolini being mistrusting of that gesture and still acting resentful.

Reddit thread about Kolini
Fans think Kolini is not giving Asuelu a fair shot and that she needs be more considerate and mind her own business. Pic credit: @u/gookershano/Reddit

Kolini will be have more tension with Asuelu and his family this season

During the trailer for Happily Ever After, a scene was shown of Kolini getting out of her seat and into a verbal argument with Asuelu’s family over their opinions intentions for her sister, while Kalani stays seated and baffled by the situation.

Kalani counts on her sister for support and guidance, especially when she feels disconnected from Asuelu, which she currently does.

More will be revealed about whether Kolini and Asuelu’s relationship can be repaired, or if more judgment and shade will be thrown.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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