90 Day Fiance fans disagree on whether Chuck is an enabler

CHuck, Elizabeth and Andrei
In an Instagram post about Elizabeth’s Father’s Day message, critics discussed how Chuck enables Elizabeth and Andrei, and there was a disagreement. Pic credit: TLC

A 90 Day Fiance fan account shared the video that Elizabeth posted on her story for her dad on Father’s Day, and the critics who commented got in a discussion over whether Chuck is an enabler.

Viewers have seen Chuck cater time and time again to Elizabeth and Andrei financially, and some viewers think that is why Elizabeth and Andrei are so entitled.

Chuck helped them out with a house that they were ungrateful for, then he paid for them to move into a new place, he paid for the expensive Moldovan wedding, and now he is giving Andrei a job where his wages are coming out of Chuck’s salary.

Andrei has said on multiple occasions that he knows how to manipulate Chuck to get what he wants. Some critics think Andrei and Elizabeth take full advantage of Chuck and know how to play him for money.

Chuck comes off to most as a good-natured family man who will do anything for his children, and some people think he is doing a great thing for Elizabeth and Andrei by setting them up for success.

But is it appreciated, or is he enabling Elizabeth and Andrei to rely on him for financial support?

90 Day Fiance viewers disagree on whether Chuck is an enabler

@90dayfanatics2, a well-known 90 Day fan page, reposted Elizabeth’s Father’s Day Story where Elizabeth is with her dad giving him a shoutout to her followers.

A 90 Day fan account shared Elizabeth’s story about her father, and people gave their opinions. Pic credit: @90dayfanatics2/Instagram

In the comments section of the Instagram post, people posted their take on whether they feel Chuck is enabling Elizabeth and Andrei.

One person remarked that they wish he would stop handing everything so easily to Andrei when they said, “Chuck is a good man but should stop enabling Andrei. Make Andre start from the bottom like everybody else.”

Along the same lines, another person who is frustrated with Elizabeth and Andrei said, “Chuck you’re an enabler. Stop enabling your kids and allowing them to live off of your hard work. Make them get their education and get their own careers. Make them do something in their own.”

One person played devil’s advocate when they said Libby needs her dad but also said Chuck is too good for the way his family treats him. They said, “I really like Chuck. His family doesn’t deserve him. I’m glad he’s kind to Libby because no one else is and she really needs her dad.”

There is more Potthast family drama to come on Happily Ever After this season

As the Potthast family embarks on an RV road trip to a family reunion, tensions are at a high over Andrei’s presence in the family house flipping business.

All of the anger is still settling from the boat fight between Elizabeth and her sisters over Andrei.

Viewers will have to buckle up for what could be a dramatic family spectacle at the family reunion.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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