90 Day Fiance fans compared Elizabeth’s family’s fight to the family brawl with Chantel

Chantel's family fight and Libby's family fight
The latest 90 Day Fiance fight between Elizbaeth and her family is being compared to the original family fight between Chantel’s family and Pedro. Pic credit: TLC

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? boat fight between Elizabeth and her family about Andrei is being compared by fans to the brawl that Chantel and her family had with Pedro, and people are pointing out the differences.

Some fans remarked that the fight between Elizabeth’s family felt staged and inauthentic while many call Chantel’s family fight legendary. They also say that they like the original better.

Since Chantel and her family got their own spinoff, many feel like Elizabeth and her family are trying to ramp up the drama so they can potentially get their own spinoff too.

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Elizabeth’s family fight was compared to Chantel’s family fight by fans

Elizabeth’s family fight was the latest 90 Day Fiance family fight in the franchise, but fans are not quick to forget the epic brawl that was Chantel’s family’s making and enjoyed comparing the two.

Chantel’s family fight had punches thrown and crew getting involved whereas Elizabeth’s family’s fight was more catty and had drinks thrown.

One well known 90 Day Fiance fan account, @90dayharvestusd, put a picture of Chantel’s family fight with a banner saying, “The incredible original” on top of a picture of Elizabeth’s family fight with the banner, “Lousy copy.”

They went on to remark in the caption that, “The Family Potthast is desperate for their own spin-off. I’m not buying it. Not even on “buy 5, save 5” promo.” 

Fans in the comment section of the post were also throwing shade on Elizabeth’s family fight compared to Chantel’s.

One person said, “Unless there are hair extensions on the floor afterwards it’s not a real fight.”

Another fan upset with how scripted Elizabeth’s fight felt exclaimed, “I was a total fan, but am so fed up with the same people and their fake, scripted storyline that I NO LONGER WATCH AT ALL!!”

IG post about Chantel and Elizabeth's family fights
90 Day Fiance fans dropped their thoughts about the two different family fights. Pic credit: @90Dayharvestusd/Instagram

Elizabeth’s family will continue to fight with and about Andrei on Happily Ever After

Since Andrei has to work within Elizabeth’s family if he wants to secure the $100,000 loan he is seeking from Chuck and to ensure his 10-year green card, there will be more drama between him and Elizabeth’s family.

Andrei has specific issues with Elizabeth’s brother Charlie as they relate to past tension and working together, and now he has problems with Elizabeth’s sister Becky after the boat fight and after working with her.

More drama will unfold later this season as the whole Potthast family will drive together in an RV to a family reunion.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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