90 Day Fiance fans call Kenny out for acting ‘rude’ and ‘entitled’ on The Other Way

90 day armando and kenny
90 day Fiancé couple Kenny and Armando clashed over cultural differences in a recent episode. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Kenny Niedermeier and Armando Rubio are fan favorites, but many viewers were stumped by Kenny’s lack of effort to learn basic Spanish and his general lack of cultural awareness.

On the most recent episode, the couple took Armando’s daughter Hannah back to their home to begin their new life as a family.

Kenny, 57, and Armando, 31, met in a father’s support group on social media. Kenny has already raised four children while Armando has a young daughter from an ex-wife who tragically died in a car crash.

Armando explained in a previous episode that the couple decided to live in Mexico because Hannah can’t speak English and needs emotional support from her extended family members due to her mother passing away.

While it is unclear when they made the final decision to relocate to Mexico, it appears Kenny would have had time to work on some Spanish.

Armando admitted that he spoils Hannah because she lost her mother at an early age, but 90 Day Fiance fans have noticed that she is well-behaved compared to Deavan Clegg’s daughter Drascilla.

Kenny claimed he was unaware that he need Spanish in Mexico

“I didn’t realize the impact not knowing the language would have,” Kenny said in the recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way as he relied on Armando to order food and translate everything his daughter says. Some fans found Kenny’s reaction to Mexican food “rude.”

Despite moving to a Spanish speaking nation, Kenneth was seemingly frustrated that no one spoke English and complained about his inability to communicate with his stepdaughter. Fans slammed his antics as another example of an entitled American on the series that follows couples who try and navigate their cultural differences in the name of love.

Armando has been Kenny’s translator, so he suggested his currently jobless fiance start taking Spanish lessons after he criticized his parenting of Hannah.

“How does Kenny expect to co-parent and communicate with Hannah, if he doesn’t know Spanish?” one fan lamented, adding, “That should have been a top priority before he came to Mexico.”

The 90 Day Fiance couple is still going strong and it appears Kenny is making some effort to adapt to the culture. On his Instagram, he was photographed celebrating Mexican Independence Day and now writes some of his photo captions in Spanish.

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Barb Knutson
Barb Knutson
3 years ago

Kenny really needs to learn Spanish if he wants to stay in Mexico and co parent.