90 Day Fiance fans attack Von Brandon Haus Google ratings, accuse Brandon’s parents of running puppy mill

The Gibbs farm has been a hot topic this season. Pic credit: TLC

The subject of the caged dogs on the Gibbs’ family farm has risen again.

The fresh season brings the newest momma’s boy to the 90 Day Fiance universe – Brandon Gibbs. Rivaling only Colt’s mother Debbie, his mother Betty is proving to be the biggest obstacle in his blossoming relationship with his foreign fiancee.

Julia Trubkina arrived in America, only to find out she’ll be working on a farm while living with her fiance’s parents.

The farm was seen on the show

While Julia dislikes working on the farm, fans aren’t a huge fan of it either.

Hummingbird Acres Farm was founded by Brandon’s parents over 22 years ago. It’s open to visitors and complete with its own collection of farm animals.

However, it’s the family’s other business that viewers have an issue with – their in-house kennel, Von Brandon Haus dogs.

Fans criticized the practices of the Gibbs’ farm. Pic credit: TLC

The dogs have made their appearance on a few episodes and fans have concerns after seeing glimpses of their living situation. Some viewers go as far as accusing Ron and Betty of animal mistreatment.

According to the family website, the Virginia Dog breeders specialize in German Shepards and Brussels Griffons.

Fans are attacking their Google

90 Day Fiance fans are famous for taking action on their opinions. This time it was Hummingbird Acres in the crossfire.

If you check their Google reviews, the comment section is angry and claim the establishment is a ‘puppy mill’.

Granted, it’s obvious that a lot of these are viewers of the show and haven’t actually visited the location. 

The review section of the Gibbs business page was filled with angry comments. Pic credit: Google Maps

Monsters & Critics reached out to Betty Gibbs for comment about the recent negative attention but at the time of publication, she has not responded.

Julia recently defended her new family

One family member that has been vocal about their ethical treatment of the animals, is the newest member Julia.

Although she has been bumping heads with her future in-laws, she was quick to speak out once the negative comments started.

On an Instagram post, she defended her future in-laws and wrote,”I think you need to close this topic once and for all! everyone can ask, not make up a story! Dogs are watched by 2 people 24 hours a day (naturally I exaggerate, people need to sleep at night) but the first rise is at 5 am to walk and feed the dogs.”

Noting that the dogs are treated better than some people, she continued, “Dogs walk 3 times a day sometimes more. not 2 minutes but how much they want! They are combed, fed. They play with them, train them, remove their cells 2 times a day.”

Brandon’s parents Ron and Betty have been grooming their son to eventually take over the family business but with the arrival of Julia, the future of the farm is questionable because he doesn’t seem to want it.

Do you think Julia wants a future with the family farm?

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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