Hummingbird Acres Farm: Everything to know about Vom Brandon Haus dogs and more on 90 Day Fiance

Life has been hard for Julia Trubkina on Hummingbird Acres Farm.
Life has been hard for Julia Trubkina on Hummingbird Acres Farm. Pic credit: TLC

Hummingbird Acres Farm and Vom Brandon Haus have already gotten plenty of airtime on Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina are new to the 90 Day Fiance world. Julia got more than she bargained for when she moved into Brandon’s family home in Virginia.

Brandon, along with his parents Ron and Betty Gibbs, live on and run Hummingbird Acres Farm.

Ron and Betty explained to Julia that she is expected to do chores around the farm for no pay. This had fans up in arms.

Ron and Betty have already given Julia a tour of the property, and the off-limits hot tub, but here’s what we know about life on the farm.

Hummingbird Acres Farm

Hummingbird Acres Farm is the Gibbs family’s pride and joy.

“Hummingbird Acres Farm is a small family farm located in Beautiful and Historic Dinwiddie County, Virginia,” reads the site’s descriptions.

According to the website, the farm has a wide array of unique animals.

“We raise all natural, pastured Katahdin Lambs/Sheep, Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Registered Kune Kune Pigs and Poultry. We also breed European Imported German Shepherd Dogs and adorable, monkey-faced European Imported Brussels Griffons,” the site boasts.

The farm is open to visitors seven days a week.

Hummingbird Acres Farm was founded in June 1998 by Ron and Betty, meaning it has been open for around 22 years.

Brandon is set to inherit the farm when his parents retire. However, those plans might change now that Julia is in the picture.

Vom Brandon Haus dogs

The majority of the farm’s profits seem to come from the family’s kennel, Vom Brandon Haus dogs.

The Vom Brandon Haus site has significantly more details than the Hummingbird Acre Farms site.

The Gibbs started their kennel in 1995 three years prior to their farm.

The family specifically breeds German Shepherds. The front page showcases all of the puppies that are for sale.

Two of the puppies on the site are priced from $1,500-$2,000.

“Puppies will be AKC Registered and come with a complimentary copy of parents foreign pedigrees,” the site states. “They will be Vet checked, have their 1st set of shots and de-wormed. Puppies will also come pre-loved and spoiled! :-)”

However, fans seem to suspect there’s more to the story when it comes to the kennel.

The kennel hasn’t had exactly glowing reviews on Google.

90 Day Fiance fans accuse the kennel of being a puppy mill. The Gibbs have also been accused of dog cruelty but the bulk of those reviews are coming from viewers of the TLC show and not people who have actually visited the farm or purchased a dog.

Julia has surprisingly come to the family’s defense since those accusations were made.

“I think you need to close this topic once and for all! everyone can ask, not make up a story! Dogs are watched by 2 people 24 hours a day (naturally I exaggerate, people need to sleep at night) but the first rise is at 5 am to walk and feed the dogs,” Julia wrote in an Instagram post. “Dogs walk 3 times a day sometimes more. not 2 minutes but how much they want! they are combed, fed. they play with them, train them, remove their cells 2 times a day. they live better than many people some dogs live in the house because they want to! so if you were so worried about this topic, I hope I clarified the situation for you,” she wrote as she finished the post.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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6 months ago

I haven’t seen anything on televisionbut I can this. These people haven’t mistreated the dogs , we bought a pup from them .We lost her two years ago this May, She was healthy until she was 14 years old , Trying to decide if I will get another one and if I do I will get from the breeder

Last edited 6 months ago by Sue