90 Day Fiance fans are still baffled by Anna and Mursel’s relationship with a language barrier

Anna and Mursel
Anna and Musel have a relationship that still puzzles 90 Day Fiance fans because of their language barrier. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans are still puzzled by the interworkings of Mursel and Anna’s relationship from Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance because they had an intense language barrier to overcome.

The pair were brought up in a Reddit thread with the subject, “I never thought I’d be so addicted to a TV show where Turkish & American beekeepers fall in love and have to get married in 90 days whilst not speaking the same language.”

Fans then recounted the funny parts of Anna and Mursel’s relationship and talked about how bizarre their language barrier was.

Anna and Mursel’s relationship confused and intrigued viewers

The Reddit thread about Anna and Mursel’s bizarre relationship was brought about by a 90 Day Fiance viewer who was baffled by the fact they were addicted to a show that had a premise like Anna and Mursel’s.

They made a specific point about the language barrier because viewers watched them struggle all season long with their communication.

Reddit thread about Mursel and Anna
The Reddit thread that started the discussion about Anna and Mursel had a funny subject title. Pic credit: @u/middle_fudge/Reddit

Redditors talked about the few Turkish words that were said a lot of the show. One onlooker remarked, “Thanks to Mursel I know how to say ‘very good’ and ‘very bad’ in Turkish. I’m sure this knowledge will help me some day.”

Another added onto the statement by saying, “Now you can get a Turkish spouse!”

Reddit thread about Mursel and Anna
Redditors discussed the parts that stood out most in Anna and Mursel’s relationship. Pic credit: @u/middle_fudge/Reddit

Other people in the thread discussed Mursel’s communication and joked about Mursel’s lack of understanding of his relationship. One person joked, “I genuinely think he had no idea it was a relationship, I think he thought it was a beekeeping conference.”

Another Redditor said Mursel, “had better communication with his friend he met off the plane. [crying emoji] What was his name, Jose?”

Reddit thread about Mursel and Anna
Redditors continued to make hilarious comments about Mursel and Anna’s relationship. Pic credit: @u/middle_fudge/Reddit

Anna and Mursel are still together

Anna and Mursel are still together despite the adversity they had to overcome. Their relationship survived breaking up in the middle of the 90 days, the language barrier, and his parent’s disapproval.

They live together in Nebraska with Anna’s three sons and have a beekeeping business. They also started a YouTube channel that includes the whole family.

It’s possible that Anna and Mursel will appear within the 90 Day Fiance franchise again since their presence seemed to really entertain viewers.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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