90 Day Fiance fans address the uncomfortable scene of Tarik and Hazel talking to their ex-girlfriend Minty

Tarik, Hazel and Minty on 90 Day Fiance
Tarik and Hazel call their ex-girlfriend, Minty, to seek advice on how to find a girl for them. Pic credit: TLC

During this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé, we found out that Tarik and Hazel were having a hard time finding a girlfriend for the two of them.

Tarik had the idea to hit up their Thai ex, Minty, whom Hazel happens to be very jealous of, to ask for advice on how to attract a third.

Hazel knows that Tarik is most attracted to Thai girls, and has a lot of mistrust when it comes to his feelings for Minty.

The Zoom call between the three of them was extremely uncomfortable, as Hazel had a visibly bad attitude towards Minty, while Minty kept stirring the pot.

Tarik was left in the middle with a dumbfounded look and did not have anything to say to help the situation.

Viewers were very confused by Tarik’s decision to talk to Minty

Early in the episode, Tarik brought up to Hazel the possibility of asking their ex, Minty, for some thrupple dating advice. Hazel quickly shot it down and was obviously mad and upset by the suggestion.

But Tarik did not take those warning signs seriously and they ended up on Zoom with Minty where Hazel’s jealous claws came out.

Twitter fans called Tarik’s move to even bring up Minty to Hazel a rookie mistake.

Pic credit: @shanruss07/Twitter

Other followers of the show believe that Tarik just wanted to talk to Minty but got caught – that was even Hazel’s suspicion.

Pic credit: @NickoWatches/Twitter

A few fans concluded that Tarik wants Minty and question why he is even with Hazel. In the comments of the tweet from @michelledyan, commenters speculate that Hazel is not even attracted to Tarik.

Pic credit: @michelledyan/Twitter
90 Day fans left their opinions on a twitter comment addressing Tarik and Minty. Pic credit: @michelledyan/Twitter

While Tarik was asking her for advice on them finding a third, Minty replied “Why not me?”, which is what sent Hazel over the edge. The last we heard from Minty on that call was her saying “Call me any time”.

The conversation also left Hazel mad and storming away, and Tarik not knowing which end is up.

After that phone call, fans were curious to know more about Minty. Although she was stirring the pot, viewers thought she came across as more fun than Hazel.

Where to find Minty from 90 Day Fiancé on Instagram

On Instagram, you can find Minty here. She is relatively unknown on the platform, with only 382 followers.

She does hashtag #90DayFiance on her profile and gives a link to her YouTube channel that has three videos.

Most of her posts are of food that she’s made, but she does have selfies as well.

More interesting is her most recent post to IG, which is a repost from TikTok, of her doing a dance while Tarik’s song plays in the background, leaving fans wondering if there is still something there between them.
Pic credit: @princessminty90/Instagram

Next week we will hopefully see the fallout from that conversation and see what the future holds for Tarik, Hazel, and Minty.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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