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90 Day Fiance: Erika is totally offended after Stephanie chickens out again, not the first girlfriend to hide her

Erika gets real about a past relationship to Stephanie.
Stephanie and Erika hit another rough patch. Pic credit: TLC

Erika Owens is offended when Stephanie Matto chickens out after planning to tell her parents she is bisexual.

Stephanie’s lack of action prompts Erika to reveal that Stephanie is not her first girlfriend to hide their relationship.

The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days duo has struggled all season with their connection. Stephanie, thrown for a loop by Erika’s confession, causes the two to endure another argument.

Their frustration with each other mounts during a preview clip for the upcoming episode of the TLC show.

Erika shares her story

Fans know Erika and Stephanie have both been challenged regarding plans to come out to their parents.

Erika recently came out to hers, with Stephanie by her side. However, now that it’s Stephanie’s turn, she gets cold feet — sparking a new fight between the couple.

After Stephanie chickens out again, Erika shares the story of how she had been in a relationship with a woman who hid her. The female, who Erika never names, was just like Stephanie, afraid to come out to her mom.

This wasn’t a short-term, meaningless relationship. Erika had been with the other woman on and off for nearly ten years.

In a confessional, Erika opens up about being kept a secret by the woman she loved. Erika was hurt and ashamed because she felt her ex-girlfriend was embarrassed to be with her.

Stephanie is hurt by Erika’s story

Stephanie is not pleased that Erika kept such a personal story from her. She is upset that Erica not only had a meaningful relationship in the past, but that this is the first Stephanie heard about it.

Speaking to the confessional, Stephanie does not hide how shocked she feels.


Erika’s story prompts Stephanie to lash out because she is confused and hurt. Stephanie thought the two were being upfront, honest, and vulnerable with each other. However, the whole time Erika was keeping a pretty big secret that directly affects their relationship.

As Stephanie sees it, Erika is pressuring her to come out because the other woman Erika loved never did. This is a vital piece of the puzzle as far as Stephanie is concerned.

This breakdown of communication clearly causes problems.

Erika thought she was opening up to help Stephanie understand her perspective. Stephanie saw her lack of disclosure about a previous relationship as a betrayal.

The two are at a stalemate as the clip ends. To see what happens next, fans will need to tune into 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days.

Stephanie’s refusal to come out to her parents again like she said she would caused Erika to open up about an ex-girlfriend who Erika apparently kept a secret.

Obviously, the conversation didn’t go very well for either of them.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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