90 Day Fiance: Does Elizabeth’s sister Jen have a crush on Andrei?

Andrei and Jen
90 Day Fiance fans speculated that Elizabeth’s sister Jen may have a crush on Andrei. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans had a field day with the idea that that Elizabeth’s sister Jen has a crush on Andrei, and they think her other family members might feel the same way.

The Reddit thread on the subject turned into a wild discussion about the scenario of a crush and viewers came up with all sorts of ideas about Elizabeth’s family and their feelings for Andrei.

Some onlookers feel like Jen has suppressed feelings for Andrei and that her flirtations have come out a few times. They also think that some of the other family member’s passive aggression comes from a fondness they don’t want to admit to.

Many 90 Day Fiance fans think Jen and other family members have a crush on Andrei

Andrei has not gotten along with Elizabeth’s family for a long time, but critics think that just because they struggle to get along doesn’t mean that there aren’t affectionate feelings there.

The Reddit thread that started the discussion was a famous meme of a petitioner at a table, but the sign in the front was, “Jen has a crush on Andreiiiii. Change my mind.”

Reddit thread about Elizabeth's family and Andrei
Pic credit: @u/trish80s_for_life/Reddit

One person remembered back to when Jen attended Elizabeth and Andrei’s wedding in Moldova and said, “100 percent. When Jen and Andre argue you can see a hint of the flirtatious smirk she’s trying to suppress (very apparent while they were all in Moldova).”

Reddit thread about Elizabeth's family and Andrei
Pic credit: @u/trish80s_for_life/Reddit

The discussion then opened up to the idea that Andrei feels some kind of way about Elizabeth’s other family members.

A Redditor asserted, “Andre is at least mildly attracted to all of Liz’s sisters, even though he hates their personalities. You can see how he gets nervous when he talks to them.”

Reddit thread about Elizabeth's family and Andrei
Pic credit: @u/trish80s_for_life/Reddit

The discussion really took a turn when Charlie and his wife Meg, who have highly talked about OnlyFans, were brought up in regard to having a crush on Andrei.

At the beginning of this part of the Reddit thread someone said, “[Jen] wants him bad. So does Charlie.” The comment got 195 upvotes.

The next person remarked, “Charlie’s wife, Meg, thinks of Andrreeii when they bang and Charlie knows it.”

And finally, the last person said, “Meg & Charlie are both thinking of Andrei when they have sex.”

Reddit thread about Elizabeth's family and Andrei
Pic credit: @u/trish80s_for_life/Reddit

Whether any of that is actually true, it seems that something is up with the Potthast family and the way that they interact with Andrei. Are they really at odds the way they want 90 Day Fiance viewers to think?

There is more Potthast family drama in store for the Happily Ever After? season

As the Potthast family embarked on their RV road trip to a family reunion, tensions could be felt about Andrei’s participation in the family house flipping business.

With all the feelings already flying around this season, the actual reunion should prove interesting.

Viewers are going to have to keep watching to find out just how dramatic the rest of the season will get between Elizabeth, Andrei, and Elizabeth’s family.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Linette Davis
Linette Davis
2 years ago

I agree with thi see statement.My advice is never leave him alone with your sister’s They are jealous of her and arent gonna admit that they have a crush on him.

2 years ago

Does this family not know that this show is shown around the world and in Florida. Perhaps they need to change their attitude as viewer might think they are a bunch of GREEDY BASTARDS AND SPOILED BRATS.