90 Day Fiance: Debbie tells Colt and Vanessa she wants to move out on her own

Colt Johnson gives mom Debbie his blessing to move out on 90 Day Diaries
Debbie tells Colt and Vanessa she wants to move out. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Debbie Johnson might soon be moving out of the home she has shared with her son Colt Johnson and their cats for years now. TLC fans have often commented on the close relationship between Colt and his Debbie, but they’re about the make a surprising change.

The mother/son duo have been living together for a long time but it hasn’t bode well for Colt’s past relationships.

During his marriage to Larissa Lima, things got pretty nasty between Debbie and the Brazilian native. Then during Colt’s short-live romance with Jess Caroline, Debbie and Colt’s closeness didn’t help their relationship much either. These days Colt is now married to Vanessa Guerra and the couple has been living with Debbie, but she thinks it’s time for a change.

Debbie Johnson wants move out

Colt, Vanessa, and Debbie have been sharing their lives on 90 Day Dairies and they recently talked about a surprising development regarding Debbie’s possible departure from their home.

“Today I’m gonna sit with Colt and Vanessa and tell them my plans about moving out. It’s a big decision and I really don’t wanna make it on my own,” said Debbie in her confessional. ” I really don’t want them to think that I’m abandoning them so I think it should be a mutual conversation and discussion”

After sitting with Colt and Vanessa, Debbie dropped the news. “I kinda went and looked at an apartment, house, a place to rent on my own,” she told the couple as they looked at her in surprise. “Well, I don’t know I just thought I’d find out what’s out there.”

“What sparked this initiative?” queried Colt.

“Well, you know I mean probably time that you lived without mommy around,” responded Debbie laughingly.

Colt and Vanessa are surprised by Debbie’s news

As the Discovery+ stars continued to discuss Debbie’s news about moving out, Colt wasn’t on board at first.

“I don’t want you to think you have to move out,” said Colt to his mom, who then shared that even during his relationship with Larissa Lima, she thought about moving out.

“I’ve always thought that you know even before I thought it would probably be a good idea when I move out with previous relationship.”

“You can say her name, if you say Larissa three times she’s not gonna appear…” responded Colt.

The reality TV personality later told his mom, “I don’t know what to say honestly. I feel like… I just thought you’d be living here until you croaked.” However, after the discussion Colt and Vanessa understood Debbie’s desire to leave.

“Well, I’m gonna miss you but I’m still happy, why not?” said Colt as he turned to his wife. “If she wants to do this… I’m not gonna rain on her parade.”

90 Day Diaries is currently streaming on Discovery+

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