90 Day Fiance: Dean Hashim dishes on his brother Tarik Myers’s sex life

Tarik and Dean
Tarik Myer’s brother Dean Hashim dished on his brother Tarik’s sex life during an interview Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Dean Hashim participated in an interview during the spinoff 90 Day Live and dished on his brother Tarik Myers’s sex life with some shocking claims.

On 90 Day Live, host Michelle Collins tries to answer burning social media questions with the 90 Day Fiance cast, and Dean Hashim’s segment unexpectedly went into detail about Tarik’s sex life.

Dean went into some details about his brother’s preferences when it comes to dating women while he was responding to Twitter feedback of his past statement about Hazel.

Dean Hashim spoke about Tarik Myers’s sexual preferences with women

A popular 90 Day Fiance fan page, @that_mommy_says_bad_words, captured the crux of the awkward conversation Dean had with the interviewer about his brother Tarik’s sex life.

During the clip, it appears that something Dean said on social media about Hazel not being enough for Tarik was brought up, and Michelle Collins asked what he meant by that.

Dean responded, “Basically, I don’t know if they’ve said this or not, but my brother likes to have multiple women.”

Michelle pried, “What does that mean? Like at once?”

Dean replied, “Sexually.”

Michelle was not expecting him to interpret the question that way and she continued, “Ohh. No. But tell me something like at once? Or more of like polyamory?”

Dean clarified, “All the time. At once. I know that.”

The discussion about Tarik that spiraled into Tarik’s sex life from Dean’s perspective proved eventful with that strange description.

Dean Hashim and Tarik Myers are still popular within the 90 Day Fiance franchise

Dean was recently featured on 90 Day Diaries where he and his Filipino girlfriend Rigin welcomed their first child together. He has been living through quarantine in the Philippines with Rigin.

Dean and his brother had a public falling out and have not returned to Pillow Talk together since. They were popular commentators on the show before discontinuing their roles.

Tarik and Hazel had some drama of their own a few months back when Hazel made cryptic Instagram lives that worried her followers. She also deleted all the pictures she had with Tarik and took their relationship off her bio only to add it back the next day.

It is still possible that Dean and Tarik can rekindle their brotherly relationship and appear on more 90 Day Fiance spinoffs.

New episodes of 90 Day Diaries are on Discovery+ every Sunday.

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