90 Day Fiance: Chuck Potthast arrest history explained

Libby Potthast smiling with her father, Chuck.
Libby and Chuck Potthast smiling for the camera. Pic Credit: @elizabethpotthastcastravet/Instagram

To say that Chuck Potthast from 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is stuck between a rock and a hard place is the understatement of the century. Season 6 of the newest season has been keeping viewers and the entire Potthast family on their toes.

The most recent family brawl took place on a rather classy mini-yacht. Elizabeth Potthast had enough of her siblings coming for her husband, Andrei Castravet, and she physically went after her sister, Becky. 

Chuck is breaking down

TLC fans clutched their invisible pearls as they saw Chuck’s heartbreak in real-time. The patriarch then felt it was a good idea to rent an RV for a trip that mimics the National Lampoon Family Vacation style, except with a lot less comedic timing.

But TLC lovers aren’t necessarily buying what Chuck is selling and feel he and his family have a lot to answer for. The Flordia father has had a couple of run-ins with the law himself as well as his offspring. 

The Potthasts have a rap sheet a mile long

The only Potthast that seems to have a clean record is Libby. Charlie, Jenn, and Becky have all had their mugshots made public. Now it is time to take an in-depth look at Chuck’s history of arrests. 

So why was Chuck was behind bars?  Distractify reported that the family patriarch found himself in trouble with the police ten years ago. According to the outlet, the reason for his arrest was missed child support that mounted up to $17,564. It was reported that he was charged with contempt of court.

Chuck’s charges were cleared up

But InTouch wrote that the charges ended up getting him arrested in March of 2009. The reality star was released on bail and ordered to pay the backed up child support. 

This is the only time he was arrested, but Chuck and most of his family have been called out for their sketchy behavior regarding their family-run business. 

The family’s company is based in Tampa and is called CDC Capital Investments LLC. Alleged victims of the LLC took to the Better Bussiness Bureau to complain. 

Comment left on the BBB website about Potthast family business.

One former tenant wrote, “Most agencies would not touch us due to credit until we found a property managed by this CDC Capital Investments. They stated as long as we pay first month’s rent, deposit, and last month’s rent along with a pet deposit, they would rent us this property.”

There have been complaints against the Potthast business 

“We paid them $4585 upfront before we moved in. In November, we had a stranger come to our door asking about the foreclosure status of the property. We explained we had no idea what he was talking about as we had just finished moving in and were renting the property. We did not hear anything more about it until January 09, 2019.”

The complaint claims that the former renter has yet to be given his money back.

And while Chuck’s legal history only contains that one arrest and has been rectified, he’s still managed to gain a reputation for not being a great landlord due to reviews left by his past renters.

TLC fans found the entire Potthast family to be a bit hypocritical, especially when it comes to Andrei. Maybe they are lashing out at the Moldovan because they want to keep the heat off of them? Fans will continue to theorize about what the Potthast’s are up to and feel Andrie may be regretting his association. 

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sunday sat 8/7c on TLC.

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p rb
p rb
2 years ago

This family is unbelievably rude and provincial. Imagine going to the country of your future son-in-law having learned nothing about it and then complaining a belittling everything about it from the houses to the food. They are all a bunch of uncouth peasants.