90 Day Fiance: Brandon and his mom go wedding dress shopping with Julia and it’s really awkward

Betty managed to snag an invitation wedding dress shopping with Julia and Brandon. Pic credit: TLC

The relationship between Julia Trubkina and the family of her fiance Brandon Gibb’s is anything but relaxed and this showed through while on an awkward shopping trip for a wedding dress on 90 Day Fiance.

Julia and Brandon fell in love when his friends introduced him to the Go-Go dancer over video chat. Since then, the two have made their long-distance love work despite being on two different continents.

This season, 90 Day Fiance fans have watched Julia transition from city girl to a farmhand. While she was used to living in the center of town, she now lives on a remote farm in Virginia, miles away from the closest store.

Wedding dress shopping was awkward at best

From their separate rooms to the recent pregnancy scare, Brandon’s parents have voiced their opinions every step of the way, and with the 90 days slowly running out, the wedding countdown is coming down to the wire.

What was originally a trip only planned for Brandon and Julia, like most things, Betty managed to force an invite out of her son to go wedding dress shopping.

Julia didn’t want her future mother-in-law joining as she was afraid she would force her opinion on her. However, Brandon couldn’t help but say yes after his mother guilted him about not having any other daughters.

Noticing that his mother’s car was already in the parking lot, Julia said, “Maybe we go to a different store?”

Prior to Julia walking out in potential dresses, Brandon told his mother, “Don’t make faces, don’t make comments about what you like. Try not to do that; stay completely neutral, please.”

“Doesn’t my opinion count?,” she asked her son.

“No,” he told her.

Fans took to Twitter to joke about the awkward situation.

While Betty was forbidden to give her opinion, Brandon’s views only consisted of “I like that.”

It was clear that her fiance would rather be anywhere else than this wedding dress shop.

Will Julia and Brandon get married?

It wasn’t too long ago that Julia was giving Brandon an ultimatum. It was either they leave his parent’s house together, or she goes back to Russia.

While this isn’t the healthiest way to deal with conflict, to Julia’s defense, Brandon conveniently left out that she would be staying alone until she arrived in America.

Julia’s ultimatum finally pushed Brandon to stand up to his parents. However, Brandon’s mother had a counter-offer of her own – allowing the couple to finally stay in the same room.

Finances play a huge role in the decision, and it’s clear Brandon is trying to avoid forking out for rent as long as he can.

Do you think Julia and her future in-laws will be able to make it work?

90 Day Fiancé airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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