90 Day Fiance: Benjamin is learning Swahili for Akinyi

Benjamin and Akinyi
Benjamin is trying to learn Swahili so that he can get closer to Akinyi’s culture and relatives. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couple, Akinyi and Benjamin appeared together in a video on Instagram where they showed off Benjamin’s progress in learning Swahili.

The happy couple is finally in America together after a long separation, and Benjamin has been taking steps to try and immerse himself in Akinyi’s Kenyan culture.

Now that they are together in Arizona, they can start their lives as a married couple and learn more about each other’s customs and traditions.

Akinyi posted a video of her and Benjamin trying to speak Swahili together

Akinyi has been active on social media since arriving in America and has posted several videos with Benjamin. One recent video featured Benjamin’s new cornrows that got both of them laughing and led to a few memes around the internet.

This particular video was of Akinyi and Benjamin trying to communicate in Swahili. Akinyi said, “@btaylor155 is getting very good at understanding the things I’m telling him in Swahili. I am so proud that he’s trying to learn my language so that when he’s around my family i don’t have to do lots of translations.”

She went on to ask her followers, “If you are a multi-lingual couple, how do you go about making sure your significant other understands your language? my approach is usually just to speak to him in Swahili and then he’ll fill in the gap what I am trying to tell him.”

There was definitely some confusion throughout the three-minute video on Benjamin’s part, but he did his best to learn new words and string a sentence together.

Benjamin and Akinyi could appear within the 90 Day Fiance franchise again

Now that Benjamin and Akinyi are no longer separated and were finally able to marry in America, it is possible they could be featured within the 90 Day Fiance franchise again.

After being married in Kenya, Benjamin returned to the United States to be with his son and file Akinyi’s visa paperwork. After a long wait due to the coronavirus pandemic and having to continue their marriage long distance, they can live as husband and wife in America.

They last appeared on 90 Day: Self-Quarantine but were still not physically together in America at that time. They have been a popular couple to follow post-90 Day Fiance fame, so it’s possible that they could be on Happily Ever After? or another spinoff one day.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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