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90 Day Fiancé: Before and after the Tell All Part 1: Wedding bliss or swing and a miss?

90 Day Fiance Tell All Part 1
90 Day Fiance Tell All Part 1, Pic credit: TLC

Was anyone else disappointed with the 90 Day Fiancé Tell All Part 1? I was hoping for answers and details and I felt like I was left wanting more. Which, I’m sure, is exactly what the producers were going for – to get us amped up for Part 2.

Since we didn’t get much new info last night, I’d like to share my thoughts on a few things leading up to the Tell All.

Michael & Juliana

After Michael and Juliana’s wedding, we saw Michael at his ex-wife’s house dropping off the kids. They’re sitting on the couch together talking about what a success the wedding was.

Does anyone else find this extremely strange? Most divorced people I know can’t stand their ex and only speak to them when absolutely necessary. Of course, there are also couples who try their best to be cordial “for the kids” but this beyond normal. Way beyond normal. Their relationship is completely bonkers.

And who wants their ex-wife to officiate their wedding? I still can’t believe that happened.

After a little chit-chat about the wedding, the next thing out of Sarah’s mouth was about the prenup. Michael tells her that he decided against it. She looks surprised and basically says the same thing she said before about it, claiming she is just concerned “about her kids future.”

What exactly is it that she’s worried about? And what business is it of hers anyway?

On that note, I do have to say that it is nice how Sarah has befriended Juliana and helped her get acclimated to her new life in America. I still believe she has some ulterior motives. But for now, Juliana looks happy, so kudos to her.

90 Day Fiance: Anna and Mursel's Wedding
90 Day Fiance: Anna and Mursel’s Wedding, Pic credit: TLC

Anna & Mursel

Talk about a frantic last-minute wedding! With six hours on the clock, Anna had to finalize the wedding officiant, pick up Mursel at the airport, get home, get ready and have the ceremony – before the clock ran out. After rushing to get home, get her hair done and get dressed, it was finally time for the wedding.

I’m pretty sure Mursel didn’t understand one word that was being said during the ceremony. Anna had to have had a hand-squeeze signal for him, so he would know when to say “I do” – because he said it right on time.

I’ll never understand how two people that don’t speak the same language and must rely on their smartphones to communicate with each other can think it’s a good idea to get married. I think Anna and Mursel will have a rough road ahead. Time will tell.

I’m glad they gave Mursel an earpiece and a translator for The Tell All. It was fun to see him involved and participating in the conversation. Even though he seemed a bit shocked by all of the sex talk, it looked like he was having a good time.

Emily & Sasha

Once again, all we see the same two things with these two. Comments and criticisms from Emily’s sister about her dislike for Sasha and more about Emily’s weight gain and how Sasha would like her to get the baby weight off.

Normally, I would be mad at Sasha for all of the weight loss talk, but in this case, I think Emily knew exactly what she was getting into with this guy. She met him while personal training and anyone can tell from talking to this guy for two minutes that he is all about physical fitness and looking trim and fit.

She claims that she’s not happy with herself (physically) right now, which I’m sure is partially true, but I’m sure the other half of it is him harping on her all the time about getting back into shape again.

I’m not sure she fully knew what to expect with this 90-day process and didn’t realize that having a baby so soon would put additional strain (in general) on their relationship.

With her being the only one who can work and having to rely on her sister for so much at first, she’s probably wishing she would have used birth control for a while – at least until she and Sasha moved to America and they were a little more settled in.

All that being said, Sasha really does need to learn how to communicate in a little more tactful way so he doesn’t sound like a douche bag. I really don’t believe he means to fat-shame her, but he sure does come off like a real a**hole most of the time.

90 Day Fiance: Syngin's face while getting his first tattoo on his wedding day
90 Day Fiance: Syngin’s face while getting his first tattoo on his wedding day, Pic credit: TLC

Tania & Syngin

Let me start by saying I do not like Tania at all. Don’t get me started… She is a self-absorbed, selfish a**hole who only cares about herself. (I know that was redundant, but thought it was OK to say that twice.) I think she’s just looking for a baby daddy and poor Syngin is going to get his heart broken by her.

Look how she acted on her 30-day trip to Costa Rica. She was acting like a college student on spring break – not at all like a woman in love, weeks away from getting married to her true love.

How difficult is it to call your man when you get home from the bar? She made it very clear that she was not going to do that. I don’t trust her and Syngin shouldn’t either. He deserves better.

The whole “soul mate” conversation was difficult to watch. Even if that’s how she really feels – you don’t say something like that to the man you’re about to marry. I do not recommend starting a marriage on a foundation of lies… but in this case, I think she should’ve told a little white one.

If your man is professing his undying love to you, looking deep into your eyes and telling you that you are his soul mate… just say it back. Don’t rip out his heart, stomp on it and then run it over with a car. Do you have no feelings at all? Put yourself in his shoes. How would you feel if that was done to you?

Sometimes I think Tania does these things on purpose just to see how much he’ll let her get away with. And I’m not sure why, but he lets her get away with a LOT. He’s blinded by love, I guess. Poor guy.

One last thing on Tania and Syngin’s wedding (another bad sign) Tattoos instead of wedding rings? I have no problem with tattoos, it’s actually a pretty cool idea – BUT – only if you ALSO have rings.

Not to mention that this couple admits that things might not work out. At this point, they can’t even agree on whether or not they want children and in this case, it’s Syngin who has changed his mind and Tania is standing by, ready to get knocked up ASAP.

Tania tried her best to look like a sweet angel on The Tell All, but I’m just not buying it. I think she was bothered by taking so much heat on social media so she wanted to clean up her image when she got on camera again.

I really love Syngin and I truly hope Tania doesn’t turn out to be the evil, selfish person I think she is.

Robert & Anny

I am on the fence about these two. At first, I thought Anny was super materialistic and only cared about money and what Robert could buy for her, but as I get to know her I’ve changed my mind.

I think he lied to her about a LOT of things prior to her coming to America and intentionally portrayed himself to be something he is not – probably just trying to impress her.

If he would have been more honest with her about his children, living situation, finances, etc. – her expectations wouldn’t have been so high when she arrived. He created that monster himself.

The relationship between Anny and Bryson is so sweet. He seems to really like and trust her and she looks like she genuinely loves him like he was her own. Bryson was so cute in his little red suit walking Anny down the aisle. I really loved that moment for them.

I held my breath for a few seconds when Robert stopped their wedding ceremony and said, “I can’t do this.”

Production and editing did a great job using that sound-byte. I thought he was going to leave her at the altar. I would have cried.

I have to say… that ring made up for the scare he gave us. It was beautiful. Do you think it was CZ? Maybe not. Maybe Robert is so broke because he went a little above his means on the ring, wanting to do something to make that moment special for her? These two confuse me.

At The Tell All, it was interesting to see Robert blow up at porn star granny. I really dislike her. I’m not sure why she thinks she should have such a big role in what goes on between those two.

I get that maybe she was genuinely concerned (at first) about Anny being a gold-digger. Completely understandable, but… at some point you just have to let things be and hope for the best.

I truly think Bryson’s grandma is just taking advantage of the opportunity to get a little airtime – in the hopes of getting more exposure for her “acting” career. She needs to just butt out and leave Robert and Anny alone.

Blake & Jasmin

I still can’t figure out why Blake wanted to get married at this point in his life.
They have ZERO in common and Blake does not seem happy at all.

Jasmine just wanted to come to America because her sister was here and poor Blake was just her means of accomplishing that.

Divorce is imminent – as soon as Jasmine gets her green card.

Mike & Natalie

At first, I thought these two were cute together. Until we saw that they do not have the same views on religion or children. These are two HUGE things to not be on the same page about. There is no chance whatsoever of this relationship working out.

Not to mention the secret “betrayal” that hasn’t been revealed to us yet. Sounds like Mike did something stupid while the cameras were off.

It was surprising to hear that he did anything to break her trust because he doesn’t seem like the type to behave that way. I think maybe there’s a little more to Mike than we know and that he may not be the sweet guy we see on TV every week.

Angela & Michael

I don’t know what to think about these two…

Sometimes I feel like Michael just wants to come to America. But then I look at all the time he has invested into their relationship and I start to question that.

He’s young. He could easily find a young woman in Nigeria to fall in love and start a family with, but, instead, he decided to pursue this relationship with a woman in America who is old enough to be his mother. It just doesn’t make any sense.

What is most confusing about these two is that they claim they have excellent chemistry and a great sex life. I really don’t think that would be the case if Michael was just in it for the green card. It boggles my mind.

Angela is a real piece of work. Sometimes I love her and sometimes I think she is a complete whackjob. I can’t tell if she is truly this passionate woman who is fighting to be with the man she loves – or if she’s just acting up for the cameras, in the hopes to get her own spin-off show.

Final Thoughts

Here are the three things I hope to see happen on 90 Day Fiance The Tell All Part 2

  • We finally find out what Mike did to betray Natalie’s trust
  • Robert and Anny announce they are pregnant
  • Anna’s son Joey comes around to Mursel and accepts him into the family

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