90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem’s own daughter won’t donate an egg but Tania Maduro offers one up

Angela Deem wants her daughter’s egg. Pic Credit: TLC

Angela Deem and Michael llesanmi finally got married on this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

Angela and her Nigerian husband tied the knot in his home country and are officially Mr. and Mrs.

One of the biggest conflicts in Angela’s relationship with Michael is his need to continue to his bloodline. Michael’s Aunt Lydia and Angela went head to head on the season 5 Tell All.

Angela’s daughter says no

In a prior season, it was revealed in an ultrasound that Angela was on her last egg, and it wasn’t looking good for the 53-year-old grandmother to carry a baby. The revelation that she had only one egg left led to one of the most famous quotes in the series- Angela’s “I can tote it, I just need your egg,” a plea directed at her daughter Skyla.

While Angela would rather put money in traveling with her new husband than IVF treatments, her husband’s family won’t budge on their stance.

When the Ilesanmis found out Angela’s age, their first question was whether she could carry a child. Michael told them that she could, which is the only reason they went along with the wedding.

But having a child won’t be easy for Angela. Her daughter Skyla has refused to donate an egg, and Skyla is sure that her mother will not end up having a baby. She feels that Michael should stand up to his family like Angela has stood up to hers.

To make matters worse, some of Michael’s family, including his aunt Lydia, think the couple should divorce if Angela can’t give Michael a child. The Ilesanmi family wants Angela to consider allowing Michael to have a child with another woman, a plan that Angela has flat-out rejected.

Aunt Lydia went so far as to beg for Skyla’s egg on behalf of the couple, but Lydia couldn’t convince Skyla. Skyla refused, explaining, “I just can’t because that’s like my child.”

Angela tried to convince her daughter that ‘it’s just an egg’, but Skyla hasn’t changed her position. 90 Day Fiance alums Kalani Faagata and Elizabeth Potthast both offered their support to Skyla for her decision.

A fellow castmember offered her eggs

After Lydia said she would settle for a child from any egg donor, fellow cast member Tania Maduro graciously offered Angela her own eggs at the Tell All.

Angela declined the offer, thinking that if she’s going to go through all this to bear a child, she wants it to be ‘legitimately’ hers and Michael’s.

According to Angela, if the egg is her daughter’s, “the egg will be like my egg.” She would like to pass on some of her own genes to her offspring.

90 Day Fiance: HEA Strikes Back airs Mondays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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2 years ago

For the love of GOD…ANGELA……DO NOT BRING ANOTHER TANIA INTO THIS WORLD!!! I’m sure one of Michael’s friends in his home lace would donate an egg!! Better yet..ADOPT a kid! Better yet, get over it, you are too old to be running after more kids, you already take care of too many! SMDH