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90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem’s mom has died just days after marriage to Michael Ilesanmi

Angela Deem's mom has died
Angela Deem’s mom was featured on Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

Angela Deem shared some super sad news on Saturday night. The 90 Day Fiance star’s mom, who was shown on Season 7 of the TLC series, has passed away.

The announcement came via Instagram, where Angela posted two different photos featuring her mother, 78-year-old Glenda Standridge.

In the caption, she wrote, “We love you moma, But God love you more! Rest in peace mama ???♥️. We love and will miss you.”

Angela Deem’s comments immediately began to fill up with messages from 90 Day Fiance cast and fans, paying their respects to her mother and sharing words of comfort for her.

Anna Campisi, Paul Staehle, and David Toborowsky were among the first to pay their respects. David wrote, “Annie and I both are sending our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to you and your family ???”

Even though Angela famously feuded with his friend Tim Malcolm, even Tom Brooks shared his condolences. He wrote, “I’m so sorry to hear of your loss @deemangela my thoughts and prays are with you at this time ❤️”

Angela Deem’s mom wasn’t in good health

It’s no secret that Angela’s mom wasn’t in the greatest health heading into Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance. Angela spoke openly about how she was her mom’s caretaker and that her mom was needing more and more care.

After she was shown in Angela’s home on the show, there was quite a bit of discussion about the appearance of Angela’s mom’s face. And while Angela never weighed in to confirm the internet’s diagnosis, many on Reddit believed that her mother was dealing with some form of skin cancer.

Her declining health and Angela’s one and only egg are a big part of why the 90 Day Fiance star wanted to hurry up and get married in America so that all of her family could see. It didn’t work out the way they all wanted but at least there is an end in sight for the miles that separate Angela and Michael.

Angela and Michael are married

The news of Angela’s mama’s death came days after 90 Day Fiance fans learned that Angela and Michael have finally married.

Unfortunately, Angela wasn’t able to make the wedding happen in America, something that she really wanted so that her elderly mother could be there. Instead, Angela and Michael tied the knot in Nigeria in hopes that obtaining a spousal visa will be easier than the K-1, which Michael was denied.

Initially, Angela refused to marry Michael in Nigeria because it was so important to her that her mom, daughter, and grandchildren are all able to witness the event. After consulting with several people, including Michael’s family, about what they should do next, she decided to just go ahead and change course.

Our thoughts are with Angela Deem and her family as they say goodbye to her mom in a time when she should be celebrating her new marriage.

Shaunee Flowers is the Reality TV Editor at Monsters & Critics, and has been watching reality TV ever since the very first season of The Real World on MTV. She is a 90 Day Fiance fanatic more

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  1. You should have never left your sick Mother to chase after a young man or any man. I have no respect for you. Michael is a child to let you boss him around like you do. Your fat ass can’t do that to a real grown man with morals and values. So you travel half way around the world to find a man with a child like mind. You are a true Devil. You are trash and it shows every espoide. You want Michael to come to America to take care of all those kids. He’s a fool. Trash.

  2. Angela, u and ur family were blessed with ur mom’s presence and she will live on in ur hearts and minds forever. I believe she died knowing u r happily married. Plz don’t second guess ur absence at the time of her death. Perhaps it is just the way she wanted it. She is in God’s arms now. Sincere condolences to u and urs.


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