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90 Day Fiance: Andrew worries that Amira’s K-1 visa may be impacted by Mexico deportation

90 Day Fiance personality Andrew Kenton.
90 Day Fiance star Andrew Kenton confesses his worries surrounding Amira’s deportation from Mexico while on a video chat with his sister. Pic credit: TLC

The drama surrounding Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa’s relationship on Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance is on a new level.

The couple, whose goal was for Amira to move from France to the U.S. to marry Andrew on the K-1 visa, hit a major roadblock that neither of them saw coming.

Although they had anticipated jumping through the usual hoops that accompany the K-1 visa process, their plans were turned upside down when the U.S. closed its borders amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

This forced Andrew to make an alternate plan, one that ultimately saw Amira detained and then deported back to Europe.

Andrew says he’s worried Amira’s deportation will impact the K-1 visa

After Amira was deported back to France, Andrew decided to remain in Mexico for the remainder of what would have been their vacation.

While speaking with his sister, Connie, Andrew admitted that Amira hadn’t told him anything about her experience in the detention center. He also confided in her that he’s worried about how this will impact the K-1 visa process.

“Do you think that her passport has been flagged or her [K-1] visa’s been flagged now?” Connie asked.

Andrew responded, “I am worried that she might have been flagged or put in some system or something that, ultimately, is gonna make it difficult for her to enter the United States and…I worry about that.”

How did Amira end up deported back to France?

After the U.S. went into lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, Andrew came up with a plan that he hoped would help Amira by-pass the European travel ban and ultimately have her in the U.S. so they could wed before the visa expired.

In order to accomplish this, Andrew hatched a plan to have Amira fly from France to Mexico, where the borders were still open to European flights. From there, the couple would “quarantine” at their resort for the required 14 days and then they would fly to the U.S. – at least that’s what he thought.

However, the plan didn’t pan out as they’d had hoped. In fact, it turned into what Amira called her “worst nightmare.”

Just after touching down in Mexico, Amira was placed in a detention center. She was stripped of her personal possessions, meaning she was unable to contact Andrew or her family to let them know what was happening.

Ultimately, Amira was deported back to France from Mexico.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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  1. Andrew is likely the most ignorant person on this show ever. He never considered going to the french embassy while she was in detention, in fact it appears he never left his room calling everyone from his room who could not understand english. He never got off his ass and tried to do anything real. He is the Forrest Gump of 90 day.


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