90 Day fans are still not over Dean Hashim’s inappropriate comments about Tim and Hazel

Tarik and Dean from 90 Day Fiance
90 Days fans have not forgotten some of the brash and rude things Dean has said and they are still upset. Pic credit: TLC

During his time on Before The 90 Days, Tarik’s brother, Dean, said a lot of bad things about the Phillipines and Hazel. His bad attitude and unkind words spilled over into his time on Pillow Talk where he called Tim a transsexual.

Fans on Reddit and Instagram brought this back up and stoked the flame since Dean is on viewer’s screens again in The Single Life: Pillow Talk.

Commenters harped on Dean’s hypocritical behavior and tone-deaf character, making it clear that fans are going to have a hard time letting his past transgressions go.

It’s hard to say whether Dean will be able to change some of these negative flaws within his personality.

What people are saying

Dean has a blunt and boisterous way of speaking and doesn’t have much of a filter, which makes him good for TV, but not so good when he takes it too far.

Dean and Rigin on 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life Pillowtalk
Fans on Reddit are talking about Dean’s past comments. Pic credit: @u/recoveryrox/Reddit

His comments about Tim’s orientation were ignorant and unwarranted, and a lot of fans were offended by that transphobia. While he did reach out and apologize to Tim, the words were still said and Tim never formally accepted the apology. Rather, he just told Dean to stop talking about him.

Viewers also brought up the hypocritical nature of Dean’s decisions and how his falling out with Tarik says a lot about his character.

Dean’s girlfriend is Filipino and fans seem to think she is conning Dean the same way he said Hazel was conning Tarik– conning in the way of trying to get money and a green card.

Instagram commentors hating on Dean from 90 Day
Fans on Instagram react to the Reddit surface bringing up Dean’s past transgressions. Pic credit: @90daywdfbitch/Instagram

Can viewers expect the same behavior from Dean?

Dean recently announced that he and his girlfriend, Rigin, are expecting a child together, which will be Dean’s second.

Maybe fatherhood for a second time will change his demeanor and humble him more towards others.

The feud between Tarik and Dean also has fans bringing up how disparaging Dean is towards Tarik, and how he often shares Tarik’s private information and goes out of his way to make Tarik look bad.

Fans comment on a Reddit thread about 90 Day Fiance's Dean Hashim
Fans comment on a Reddit thread about their negative feeligns towards Dean. Pic credit: @u/recoveryrox/Reddit

Dean is going to have to clean up his attitude if he wants fans to accept him and move on from his past comments.

Fans can also speculate that this baby will bring Dean and Tarik back to speaking terms so that the child can have their uncle in their life.

Tarik was surprised by Shaun Robinson when she dropped the news of the pregnancy to him on Bares All while Dean was there via video chat. She followed up by saying that they need to fix their relationship.

90 Day Fiance: Pillow talk airs Mondays on TLC.

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