90 Day Diaries returns for Season 2 on Discovery+ — Here’s what we know

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90 Day Fiance has almost too many spin-offs to count, with one of its more popular set to return. Discovery+ has released a new trailer for 90 Day Diaries Season 2, which announces the series’ return date.

The clip also gives fans a glimpse of what lies ahead, with some of the stars set for a rollercoaster journey.

90 Day Diaries: Debby moves out, Danielle tries pole dancing

Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra will return for the series, with the pair having made the headlines in recent months. Most surprisingly, the two are now married with a baby on the way. 90 Day Diaries season 2 will capture the ups and downs associated with the pregnancy.

That’s not the only news related to the newly-married couple, however; Colt’s mom Debbie is moving out, according to a short clip in the trailer. Whether or not the somewhat overbearing mother-in-law actually moves remains to be seen.

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That leads to one of the most iconic lines in the trailer, where Colt tells Vanessa that “You’re my Debbie.” What else could fans expect of Colt? Elsewhere, fan-favorite Danielle Jbali reveals that viewers will see a new version of her this season while also trying pole dancing.

Anna and Mursel try IVF, Tom Brooks gets a girlfriend

Franchise fans who haven’t turned up in a while will also be coming back for 90 Day Diaries season 2. Tom Brooks, best known for his time on the show with Darcey Silva, is returning with a new partner, who happens to look a lot like Darcey. From their social media pages, the two seem like they’re madly in love.

Anna Campsi and Mursel Mistanoglu will also appear and are starting a new journey; the couple is trying IVF. Based on the trailer, it looks like they’ll have a bumpy ride as they appear to be stressed throughout their clip. Fans should find out if their attempts are successful by the end of the season.

90 Day Diaries Season 2 release date

Aside from fan-favorites from the franchise, 90 Day Diaries will see the debut of some new characters. How fans will react to the new stars, however, remains to be seen. What can be said, though, is that there will be more than a few fights, a lot of tears, and perhaps a few kisses.

90 Day Diaries season 2 will debut on June 13 on Discovery+ and new episodes will be available to stream every week.

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