90 Day Diaries recap: It takes two to tango

Mariah Fineman, Danielle Jbali, and Caesar Mack
Past 90 Day Fiance franchise stars talked about current events in their lives. Pic credit: TLC

The challenges and hopes of some of the past cast members of the 90 Day Fiance franchise were examined in the eighth episode of Season 3 of 90 Day Diaries.

The 90 Day stars caught viewers up on current events in their lives in interviews and situations shot from their perspectives.

Concerning topics came up for some 90 Day Diaries cast members

Caesar Mack revealed that he was going to turn 50-years-old and was still looking for love with Ukrainian women online. He pointed out that he was looking for women more age-appropriate and was not giving anyone money.

Caesar also divulged that he wants to have more children and took a testosterone test to show that he was capable. He also lost 50 pounds and has been going to the gym regularly.

Tom Brooks talked with his sister Emma about his relationship with Mariah Fineman after his failed proposal. Tom said he was going to fly to Toronto to spend time with Mariah before entering the US and hopefully convincing Mariah to get married so that he could live with Mariah there.

Emma cautioned Tom that he was the only one giving anything up.

When Tom and Mariah were in Toronto, they went tango dancing and then talked about their relationship. Mariah said she would not make any promises to Tom. Tom felt like he didn’t get any of the reassurance he needed and said he would back off a bit.

Tom Brooks and Mariah Fineman
Tom did not get the responses he wanted from Mariah. Pic credit: TLC

Some 90 Day Diaries cast members have been focusing on themselves

Danielle Jbali said that she would be graduating from nursing school soon and that she invited her ex-husband Mohamed to the ceremony.

Danielle’s friends from Maryland were behind her but when she told her family, she was met with criticism and dismay.

The topic of dating was also brought up by Danielle’s friends and she said she wanted to start dating again.

Evelyn Cormier and her family
Evelyn and her family talked about Evelyn’s divorce and her plans for the future. Pic credit: TLC

Evelin Cormier detailed her divorce from David Vasquez Zermeno and announced that moved back home to New Hampshire for good and was ready to focus on herself and her religious music career.

Other 90 Day Diaries cast members explored the future and parenthood

Kyle and Noon revealed that they bought their first house together in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon.

Kyle said he was into real estate for work and Noon said she worked in a Thai restaurant and was learning to code.

They talked about wanting to start a family and said that they have been trying.

Noon was going to Thailand for a few weeks and planned to tell her family about her plans. The couple visited Noon’s Thai friend, a mother, to get her perspective on parenthood.

90 Day Diaries airs on Mondays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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