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90 Day Diaries: Chuck Potthast gets emotional talking about surviving cancer and searching for love

90 Day Diaries star Chuck Potthast talks about how his life has changed from having cancer.
Chuck Potthast shares the difficulties he’s faced since fighting cancer. Pic credit: TLC

Chuck Potthast is getting raw with his emotions in an upcoming episode of 90 Day Diaries. Fans of the franchise recognize Chuck as Elizabeth Potthast’s dad, who supported her during her time on Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance.

The 60-year-old is now sharing his story of how cancer affected his life and the difficulties he’s faced since his initial diagnosis.

He also shares his concerns about finding love again and how he believes the changes in his body could impact his future love life.

Chuck shares how cancer changed his life

In an upcoming episode of 90 Day Diaries, Chuck visits a relationship coach, Joy, and opens up about his journey to find love after surviving cancer.

Us Weekly obtained a sneak peak of the episode, which shows Chuck getting emotional during his conversation with Joy. He tells her that he was first diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and it changed his life. He goes on to share that he is now cancer free and has made a full recovery, however the disease left him without a bladder.

In the clip he can be heard saying, “I don’t go to the bathroom like a normal person because I don’t have a bladder, so they had to do a reconstruction surgery and I have, it’s called an ostomy bag, which is on the outside of me.” Chuck says the bag is where his urine goes, and it’s something he’s hesitant to reveal to others.

He says this major body change is “not something that you really want to share with people and be intimate [with] when you have this condition.”

In response, Joy attempts to comfort Chuck, while validating his experiences and feelings. She tells him, “You didn’t say, ‘I want to have cancer.’ You didn’t select that for your life. You didn’t choose this for yourself. And you can’t continue to penalize yourself for what happened to you.”

Chuck gets emotional reflecting on his life

After a transparent talk with the relationship coach, Chuck can then be seen getting emotional while reflecting on his life. He had a realization of the things he’s been able to do since getting a clean bill of health.

He shared with Joy how he was able to walk his daughters Becky and Elizabeth down the aisle, see his grandchildren be born, and be active in their lives. He says, “And when I think about that, I thank the Lord every day” as he wipes tears from his eyes.

The preview ends with Chuck revealing how blessed he feels to still be alive and how talking about his family and the cancer gets him emotional. Joy encouraged Chuck again, telling him that he is alive for a reason and his transparency is what someone will fall in love with.

90 Day Diaries airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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  1. I totally understand what you are going thru! My Dad had one and it didn’t change my love for him! You are alive and are worthy for love! Just take your time and the tight one will be there for you! I have faith that one day my true love will come to me and the same will happen for you!🙏😊❤️

  2. Love comes from the heart Chuck. Our bodies are just a bonus especially as we get older. I’m 60 and in Tampa too. Find me on Facebook if you’d like to have dinner sometime, my treat. Until then, take care. Hugs Diane Fisher

  3. I thank God as well for surviving cancer. My husband passed in 2013. I was his caregiver. He had to have a bag. I wish you love and happiness. You seem to be an amazing father and business man.


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