5 most shocking moments from Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Ariela, Steven, and Armando
These five moments stand out as the most shocking in Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Pic credit: TLC

There were plenty of bizarre, anger-fueled, heartbreaking, and bittersweet moments throughout Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, but these five stand out as the most shocking.

With so much on the line for all these couples, stress was at an all-time high, and tensions mounted, but outcomes had to be determined.

This season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way has focused on the struggles each of these couples has been faced with in order to have a successful relationship.

Viewers were introduced to two new couples and got to catch up with four others that had been on the show before.

The unique drama each of the partners brought to the show made it a rollercoaster ride for the audience, and the Tell All for the season is still to come.

1. Steven Johnson telling Alina Shaimardanova about his sexual past

Alina Shaimardanova
Alina felt blindsided and sad about Steven’s admissions about being with other women. Pic credit: TLC

Steven revealed to Alina that he had made out with about 200 girls, been intimate with two dozen of them, and actually had sex with 4-5 and that some of those hookups happened while Alina thought they were exclusive.

Alina was clearly taken aback by Steven’s admissions and was angered even more by the fact that he was being a hypocrite and wanted her to uphold all the virtues of Mormonism.

2. Ariela Weinberg telling Biniyam Shibre she would not be coming back to Ethiopia

Ariel Weinberg
Ariela said she would never go back to Ethiopia when she was angry with Biniyam. Pic credit: TLC

Ariela left Biniyam in Ethiopia and took their son to America to have hernia surgery, instilling the same fear in Bini of losing his family that he had when his ex-wife took his first son to America and never came back.

To make matters worse, Ariela felt slighted and embarrassed by Bini’s behavior while she was in America and angrily told him she would not be coming back because of it, and that proved to be true.

3. Sumit Singh’s parents giving their approval of Sumit’s relationship with Jenny Slatten

Sadhna and Jenny
Jenny finally got the approval from Sumit’s parents she had been waiting for. Pic credit: TLC

His parents’ disapproval has notoriously stalled jenny and Sumit’s almost decade-long relationship. But after Jenny accepted Sumit’s parents into their home and learned a bit from them, she won their approval with help from the family astrologer, whose advice contributed to the change of heart.

While they would not give their blessing on a marriage, they did accept Jenny and the relationship.

4. Armando Rubio’s insistence on having a baby with Kenny Niedermeier

Armando and Kenny at orphanage
Armando is pushing to have a child with Kenny. Pic credit: TLC

Armando dropped the bomb on Kenny that he absolutely wants to have kids with him and blend their families that way. At 57 and already having four kids of his own, Kenny did not feel like it was a good idea in any sense.

Armando’s insistence drove them to visit an orphanage of children with AIDS, where the thought of adopting a child with Armando became more real for Kenny but still not feasible in his head.

When he ran the idea by his kids, they were totally against it.

5. Victor McLean’s proposal to Ellie Rose

Victor and Ellie
Victor did not have a proper proposal for Ellie. Pic credit: TLC

Ellie and Victor had a huge fight about money and having a child together even though Ellie is 45, and where their relationship was going. The heated argument also took place on the backdrop that Victor cheated on Ellie just seven months prior when he had an entire relationship with another woman behind her back.

The morning after the fight, Victor apologized to Ellie at the beach and gave her a conch shell as an engagement ring, and she said yes despite all their issues.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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