1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton struggles to complete required therapy sessions

Tammy Slaton refuses to open up to her therapist about her struggles.
Tammy Slaton shouts at her therapist as she becomes frustrated over her weight loss journey. Pic credit: TLC

A new season of 1000-lb Sisters is underway, and Tammy Slaton’s weight loss journey continues to be the focal point.

After neglecting her diet, Tammy’s weight crossed the 700-pound mark, causing a medical emergency that almost took her life.

Once she was in stable condition again, she entered rehab, desperate to lose enough weight to be approved for bariatric surgery.

Although she lost over 100 pounds in rehab, her doctor shared that he would not approve her for surgery until she got closer to 500 pounds.

He also required Tammy to complete several therapy sessions to ensure she is mentally prepared for this life-changing operation.

Tammy has never been shy about expressing her hatred of therapy but agreed to comply with her doctor’s orders. Unfortunately, her ongoing struggles and lack of progress with her therapist may prevent Tammy from moving forward in her journey.

Tammy Slaton shuts down during her therapy session on 1000-lb Sisters

In an exclusive preview of an upcoming episode shared by E! News, viewers get a peek inside one of Tammy’s therapy sessions with Dr. Stapleton.

Over Zoom, Tammy meets with her therapist to discuss her journey and what has stalled her progress. Tammy admits to struggling with her diet and craving foods that are not good for her.

She also confesses the passing of her sister’s dog, Little Bit, and gaining weight from emotional eating put her in a sour mood. This made her meeting with Dr. Stapleton difficult as Tammy refused to open up and even began shouting at one point.

In the clip, Dr. Stapleton remains patient as Tammy becomes visibly frustrated and begins to shut down completely.

Tammy knows that without completing these sessions, she will not be approved for surgery. However, it seems that her emotions have gotten the best of her, and she’s struggling to meet her physical and mental goals.

Here’s where Tammy Slaton can be found online

After a long hiatus from posting online, Tammy has returned to social media. TikTok has become her chosen platform this time as she reconnects with her fans and rebuilds her online presence.

On her account, Tammy shows examples of the workouts she’s been doing to assist in her weight loss and even answers questions about the show and her progress. She has also started sharing glimpses of her husband and how she’s enjoying married life.

Recently, Tammy shared a video warning others about imposter accounts online. After learning that fake profiles using her name and pictures had been created for the purpose of scamming her fans, Tammy urged users to report those accounts and request they be removed from the platform. Currently, Tammy is only active on TikTok and no longer uses Instagram after being banned multiple times.

1000-Lb. Sisters airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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