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Rae Khalil: Here is everything to know about the rapper from Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow

Rae Khalil on Sway's Universe
Rae Khalil on Sway’s Universe. Pic credit: Sway’s Universe

This week Netflix dropped a new reality competition series that is a favorable mix of American Idol and 8 Mile. The show titled Rhythm + Flow began with its first batch of episodes consisting of auditions in four different cities. And just like American Idol, sometimes the judges can be career-ending harsh with their honesty.

One of the early standouts is a female rapper from Torrance, California, Los Angeles named Rae Khalil. Snoop Dogg even gets one of the best one-liners early in the show, telling her, “You look like you smell good.” This would sound creepy from anyone else on the planet but with Snoop, we know he is referencing weed.

But who is Rae Khalil from Rhythm + Flow and where can fans find her work? Here is everything to know.

Who is Rae Khalil from Rhythm and Flow?

In the show, Khalil says that she is inspired by musical theater and aims to fuse the concepts of theatricality into her rhymes. She also says in the show that she never had a love for rap music until she discovered artists like Chance the Rapper.

Before getting into the rap game, she felt like an outcast, being one of the only black students in her school, but she goes on to say that she found her belonging in the art form of rap.

Shining a spotlight on her family history, Khalil explains that her grandfather, George Goodman, was one of the first black music writers for The New York Times, which shows that music is in her DNA. She also says that her Great Uncle Leon Washington started one of the first black newspapers and went on to work with Dr. Martin Luther King as well. And because she has such a history of influence in her family, she hopes to continue the tradition.

Recently, she spoke to Sway Universe and revealed more about herself. She told the show that her first name is Kenya and that her mother is also a singer. And in the interview, her mother Tyra showed off her vocal skills before Rae could display her own talents.

Rae Khalil from Rhythm + Flow: Where can her music be found?

At the moment, Khalil only has one full album that can be found on Spotify and Amazon titled Girlfriend, which consists of 12 tracks. However, she has a lot of singles offered besides the standalone album.

But during her Sway interview, she performed a brand new single called Firefly, which has shades of Childish Gambino and Lauryn Hill. That performance can be found below and the single can also be heard on Spotify.

More about Rae Khalil from Rhythm + Flow

Khalil is also on Instagram debuting music that will be found soon on many platforms like Apple or Spotify. For example, she dropped a sample of a new single called Maria which has an island hip hop vibe. Fans of Rhythm + Flow can hear that new track below.

Khalil also uses her Instagram to promote shows, for instance, recently she opened for Queen Latifah and Common. She also frequently posts updates on the recording of her next album which currently does not have a title or release date.

One thing is certain — Rae Khalil is a promising artist and has already begun laying the foundations for a bright career. Rhythm + Flow is just the beginning for her.

Rhythm + Flow is now streaming on Netflix.

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