Pretty Little Mamas heads back to MTV as Teen Mom: Young Moms Club

The opening of Pretty Little Mamas on MTV
Pretty Little Mamas will return under the Teen Mom brand. Pic credit: MTV

Pretty Little Mamas is back — with a twist. Last summer, MTV viewers were wondering what happened to the new show when it disappeared after airing only a couple of episodes. The series simply vanished with no explanation and there have been questions about it ever since.

Now, MTV has decided to rebrand the show and toss it into the Teen Mom club. The new title will be Teen Mom: Young Moms Club. There isn’t really a tie into the franchise, which has some viewers wondering why the show was pulled and the name was changed.

Who are the moms?

The moms who aired on the first go-round will be shown on the rebranded show as well. Chandlar, Nicole, Alyssa, Cheyenne, and Nikki are bringing back the mom posse, with one new addition.

Heather is going to be the new girl on the show. She is pregnant with her second child and goes on strict bed rest. Will this shatter her future and push all of her friends away, or will they step up to help in her greatest time of need?

When will the show return?

After months off the air, Teen Mom: Young Moms Club will debut on April 22 and will remain on MTV. It is unclear if the season that was taped as Pretty Little Mamas will air, or if the show filmed a whole new season with the new mom added.

It was incredibly confusing when MTV yanked Pretty Little Mamas with no explanation or anything. Now, it is coming in with the name Teen Mom: Young Moms Club and some viewers are unsure about it.

Will it correlate with the other Teen Mom shows? That remains to be seen, though it may just be using the Teen Mom name because branding it that way may pull in more viewers. Either way, there are still plenty more questions than answers about this whole scenario and we can’t wait to find out what will happen.

Teen Mom: Young Moms Club debuts Monday, April 22 at 10/9c on MTV.

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