Plea to renew Julie and the Phantoms trends on Twitter

Netflix still from Julie and the Phantoms
Pic credit: Netflix

Multiple times this week, fans of the Netflix teen musical series Julie and the Phantoms have trended the demand “Netflix bring back JATP” —the acronym is a popular one to abbreviate the aforementioned show— on the Twitter platform.

Julie and the Phantoms follows a young high school protagonist Julie Molina (Madison Reyes), who loses her inspiration to create music after the death of her mother.

While scavenging around her mother’s old belongings, she accidentally brings a deceased old boy band back to life. 

Despite the first season of the Netflix Original being a total hit, the streaming platform has yet to renew the show for a second season. 

The show’s cult-ish following is persistent in making their voice heard by consistently tweeting the phrase “Netflix bring back JATP” among many others, using the Twitter platform to draw attention to the show.

Why do people love Julie and the Phantoms? 

Netflix still from Julie and the Phantoms
Madison Reyes plays as high school protagonist Julie Molina. Pic credit: Netflix

Many people find the show to be a comforting watch, especially during such unprecedented times. The show premiered during a sharp rise of the Covid-19 pandemic in September 2020 and Julie and the Phantoms proved to be a well-liked escapism show. 

Others are big fans of the show’s original music and fictional band, sometimes referring to them as their “favorite band!”

Julie and the Phantoms’ magical twist on friendship is also an inspirational feat by the showrunners and cast. The series cherishes trustworthy friendships and delivers sentimental scenes.

The friendship between the protagonist Julie and her childhood friend Flynn (Jadah Marie) being a fan-favorite. In the second episode of the show, Flynn tells Julie, “You can’t get rid of me. I’m like the crazy glue of best friends.”

Another popular phrase by the fandom is “#JATPSEASON2” 

Recently Julie fans have been tweeting “JATPSEASON2” along with a directive. The current goal is to encourage others to stream the series on January 29 therefore getting it back into Netflix’s top 10.

For the last week, devotees have been planning streaming parties and fan contests. Fans hope that this boost in popularity will provide an incentive for the platform to renew the series. 

Inarguably, Julie and the Phantoms has a faithful and passionate group of fans. And while many believe that a second season is already in the works or that it will be announced soon, Netflix has stayed quiet about its plans for the series.

Fans of the show are conjuring up string theory “maps” trying to justify the network’s inevitable renewal of the show. Things are looking positive for the devout group as the director Kenny Ortega is in a multi-year contract with Netflix and his series tend to have multiple installments

In addition to that, Julie and the Phantoms is also continuously receiving press from major publications, even with the show’s current inactive state.

Season one of Julie and the Phantoms is available for streaming on Netflix. 

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