The Real Housewives of New York City: Did Tom LIE about dates with Ramona?

On The Real Housewives of New York City tonight, the honesty of Luann de Lesseps’ fiance Tom D’Agostino is called into question over claims he lied about how many times he went on dates with Ramona Singer. During the second episode of the three-part reunion, Ramona is asked to clarify just how many times she

The 10 best X-Files episodes of all time

The original X-Files series ran from 1993-2002 and followed FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as they worked on the Bureau’s unexplained cases in search of the truth about extra-terrestrials. The show was a runaway success and came to define 90s primetime, event TV. The 90s have come back in fashion and the X-Files

NASA’s Unexplained Files examines the planet eating sun

Tonight on NASA’s Unexplained Files – scientists get a glimpse of what could be in store for Earth when our sun eventually destroys it. WASP_12 is a yellow dwarf star around 600 light-years from Earth, in the Auria constellation. Using the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS) on the Hubble Space Telescope scientists have been able to observe the

Dance Moms is back and it’s crazier than ever

The fall premiere of Dance Moms airs tonight — and the upcoming season is going to be crazier than ever! Check out the preview clip below as Abby Lee Miller comes back energized after losing her star dancer Maddie — but faces string after string of difficulties. Trying to balance the training of the ALDC Junior Elite

Married at First Sight: Nick tells Sonia he doesn’t love her

On Married at First Sight tonight, Sonia is left in turmoil after Nick tells her he doesn’t love her. Footage shows the pair lying together on a hammock, as he admits: “I think you’re an awesome person. But am I in love with you? No.” It’s another stab in the heart for Sonia, who has

Born This Way’s Sean blasts new roomie Steven for ‘bossing him around’

On Born This Way tonight, Steven reveals he’s finding it pretty difficult sharing a home with Sean — while Sean calls the experience “distressing”. The pair moved in together following their parents’ suggestion, and on tonight’s episode they throw a dressing-up themed party as a housewarming. But it doesn’t take long before Steven is having


Winter is coming on Live Free or Die

On Live Free or Die tonight – winter approaches and Matt needs shelter but Amelia and Tony have more than basics in mind. Matt really needs to get on with building a substantial shelter so he can survive the harsh weather but he is also hungry and traps don’t set themselves. Meantime, Amelia and Tony continue


Pin Wheel takes a chance with the weather on Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks

Tonight on Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks – Tyler makes a bold call to stay out all night and try to catch some fish at first light before the weather moves in. Winter weather throws the different styles of captain into sharp contrast as cocky Tyler and his boat face the rough seas in search of

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Fetty Wap tells Masika he wants to be devoted dad

On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood tonight, Feppy Wap tells Masika Kalysha that he wants to be a devoted dad to their daughter Khari. Footage shows the pair meeting up around two thirds of the way through Masika’s pregnancy, to iron out their differences after he initially denied being the dad. Fetty Wap, real name