Does Christine have a suitor on FX’s Baskets?

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Alex Morris as Ken, a potential new friend for Christine, left, on Baskets

On last night’s Baskets, Chip and Dale’s mother Christine Baskets (Louie Anderson) is managing her diabetes and trying to live a healthier lifestyle — despite the daily existential crises her twins are continuously dragging her into and needing her help to resolve.

Last week on the episode Bail, Dale had a complete drunken meltdown and tried to date Martha and also tried to reconnect with his estranged wife while Christine traveled to Camarillo in Ventura county, California, to bail Chip out of prison for a “mischief” rap.

Despite the annoyance of having to find Camarillo to drive there — “Is it even incorporated?” she asked Chip during his one phone call — Christine is determined and taking a whole new approach to her life.

This may mean the nice man named Ken (Alex Morris) Christine met while bailing Chip out of jail will ride along to the Ronald Reagan Library, as it is conveniently located off the 101 freeway in nearby Simi Valley.

Outside of CostCo’s Kirkland brands, the Reagans are at the tippy top of Christine’s “love” list.  No surprise, as Ken graciously accepts her offer to go see the Reagan Library with Chip in tow.

This convenient side trip with Ken and Chip follows Christine’s scene last week where she stood up to Chip’s enabling of her sweet tooth. Chip ordered three desserts at Applebee’s for her against her will.  She fought back.  This is the beginning, we hope, of How Christine Got her Groove Back.

In this week’s episode, we saw how Chip and Dale’s man-baby issues are dealt with now that Christine is taking better care of herself.  She may rewrite the rule book as their mother this season, forcing them to take more responsibility for their own lives.

Christine also decided that the daytrip to the Reagan library will be just the ticket to make her happy after paying a ton of bail money to spring Chip out of jail.

As Chip wanders around the library, he wonders if The Gipper made a mistake leaving Hollywood for a “boring desk job”.

Baskets airs on FX each Thursday at 10:00 PM E/P.

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