The top ten 2019 performances in peak TV are actors over 40

Monsters and Critics takes a look at the current newsmaking roles and careers of the over-40 actor – these already established stars we’ve come to count on for scene-stealing award-winning performances and iconic characters. Peak TV is an industry coined descriptor to describe the huge amount of great television programming that at times feels overwhelming.


Baskets on FX season 4 preview: Louie Anderson still the best TV mother

FX has dropped the official trailer for Season 4 of Baskets. The opener shows Chip (Zach Galifianakis) struggling to marry his career dream of being a clown with the reality that in today’s world, clowns are demonized a bit. “The kids are not laughing at clowns anymore, they’re scared of them,” he says in the

Exclusive: Martha Kelly talks Baskets as her character’s star rises in Bakersfield

The curveball you never saw coming on FX’s breakout hit noir comedy Baskets is the guileless and loyal friend Martha, described by her maternal pal Christine Baskets (Louie Anderson) as “the total package”. This compliment was bestowed upon Martha for her steady gig at Christine’s favorite store Costco, and also because Martha has little if

Exclusive: Baskets star Louie Anderson on the liberation of Christine Baskets

One of the most memorable mothers of late on the smallscreen is played by a man — Louie Anderson. Another Louis, Mr. C.K., urged fellow Baskets producers Zach Galifianakis and Jonathan Krisel to contact Anderson for the role of Christine Baskets based on Louie’s lifetime of stand-up and published memoirs. Louie’s character Christine of FX’s

Costco caskets and whiskey salad as Baskets renewed for Season 3

Baskets has just been renewed for Season 3 by FX, and it’s not hard to see why — with the show offering up another no-miss episode tonight. The hit series will air for its third run in 2018, with the network saying the decision was taken to renew it after the series “solidified” its standing as one

Baskets sees Chip and Dale fight while Christine is on a Costco run

On tonight’s Baskets, Chip and Dale have an epic War of the Roses fight while mother Christine is away at Costco. In the preview clip below, we see them fighting in the kitchen as Dale tries to damage Chip’s manhood with falsehoods. This scene happens after the show opens with Dale’s self-imposed wallowing over losing