Baskets sees Martha as Chip’s manager, Christine rethinks her priorities

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Martha finds Chip some work acting as his manager on tonight’s Baskets

On Baskets this week, a desperate Chip is feeling bad about hurting his mom Christine, and now he is also desperate for cash and needs a job pronto.

In our clip below, Chip turns to steadfast friend Martha and asks her to be his manager after his mother Christine has turned her back on him and his twin brother Dale.

Last week, Christine Baskets returned from a Costco run to find her home destroyed.

A fight between Chip and Dale erupted as the twins worked out all their anger, deeply rooted in their dad’s suicide. The result was the destruction of Christine’s house.

Tonight the episode opens as Christine tells her sons: “Why do you hate me so much? Get out.”

You’ve heard the one about odd clowns appearing in the dark in small towns, frightening children? Enter Martha, fresh off her ill-fated liaison with Dale, who is called upon to help him find work. She is asked to investigate scary clown work by Chip.

Martha Kelly as Martha throws herself into finding Chip some work

Ever resourceful, Martha methodically narrows down Chip’s skill sets and books a few paying gigs for him, even finding work for him at a car crash.

This episode is a turning point moment for a very depressed Christine, who returns to her own mother’s home as hers is repaired.

Louie Anderson as Christine Baskets, who may be off to see Ken after her sons let her down

You will see Christine also mulling over a trip to see her new friend Ken.

Baskets airs Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT on FX.

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